Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation(Reg.)

A step towards Unity and Self reliance among Hazara Shia Asna Ashari (Quetta)

                                                      About us

Takreem e Shuhada Foundation, which means the Dignity and Respect of the Martyrs, was founded by a group of young and dedicated Hazara brothers in November 2009 in response of the rising number of martyrs in Quetta whose families were left unsupported. We believed that Unity should be our strength, it is through unity that we will be able to do something for ourselves.

We realized that if one helps personally, one can hardly help a family. But if we become united and invite all our hazara brothers towards this cause, we may help not only all of the deserving families of the Martyrs but also all of the Non-Martyr's deserving families in our communities and work on various other areas like Health, Education and so forth.

Therefore, we took the initiative of building this foundation so that the aim of the foundation should not only to help deserving martyrs and non martyrs families in our community, but also to raise the awareness of Unity and self reliance in our Hazara people.

Last but not the least, we are a group of ordinary Hazara who have been feeling the pain like any other Hazara. We have never been involved in Politics and have a clean history. We are a group of hazaras who are motivated through our martyrs to work for our own community from any religious or non-religious back ground, to make them united and stronger to cope up with crises.

Our motivation is our Martyrs and our source of inspiration is the King of Martyrs Imam Hussain a.s.