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                                                              April News

23-04-2013: 12 Year old Sheraaz Ali embraced Martyrdom along with five others at Khuda dad Chowk:

According to the reports, the terrorists failed on their plans of carrying another suicide attack on Alamdar Road Quetta. The terrorists who were potentially going towards Alamdar Road and tried to penetrate the security check posts at Khuda dad chowk but after failing to do so they detonated themselves. As a result, five government security personals were martyred and around 30 others were injured.

Later it was reported that the 12 Year Old Shia Momin Sheraaz Ali was also martyred because of this bomb blast attack. Shaheed Sheraaz Ali was a student and going towards his home when the bomb blast took place on his way at Khudadad Chawk due to which he was severely injured and later embraced Martyrdom. Also there are reports that this suicide attack may have been planned on the Chairman of HDP Abdul Khaliq Hazara who was reportedly returning back from his meeting.

Khudadad Chawk is situated on Ghalzai Road and there was a security check post on that chowk which also lies between Nichari Road and Pir Muhammad Road. There are number of security check posts deployed in the surrounding areas of Alamdar Road after the 10th January bombings in which more than 80 were martyred and more than 100 were injured. The security check post at Khudad Chawk was one of them.

19-04-2013: Another Hazara momin Basheer Muhammad was Injured in another terrorist attack in Wahdat colony:

According to the reports, earlier this evening the terrorists carried out another attack on a Shia Hazara Momin Basheer Muhammad son of Ali Raza at Stop no. 2 in Wahdat Colony close to Brewery Road. The Shia momin was severely injured as three bullets were hit in his neck. The injured momin was immediately  shifted to CMH hospital for immediate treatment. It is reported that Basheer Muhammad was the resident of Alamdar Road Quetta. 

This is the first attack on a Shia Momin in the area of Quetta since the bomb attack in Kirani Road earlier in February this year. The killings of Shia Muslim have been going on through out the Pakistan whereas the last attack on a Shia Momin in Quetta or its surrounding area was carried out in Mach on Saturday, April 13th.

13-04-2013: Hazara Momin Khadim Hussain martyred in Mach:

According to reports, earlier today terrorists in mach attacked on Khadim Hussain while he was going towards local mining area on his motorcycle and embraced martyrdom. Later the body of the martyr was shifted to Quetta where his funeral procession took place in Hazara Town's graveyard in the presence of Large amount of people. Khadim Hussain son of Ali Jan was one of the well known mining contractors and he was the resident of Hazara Town.

This was the first attack on Shia momineen of Quetta since Kiran bomb blast attack on 16th of February in which more than hundred were martyred.  
"ہمارے ان معصوم شہداء کا خون ہم پر قرض ہے جو ہم نے صبر و استقامت سے اپنی قوم کی بقا  اور اس ظلم کا ہمشہ کے لیے خاتمہ کر کے ادا کرنا ہے."