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                                                                April News

12-04-2014: Two Hazara Momineen were martyred on a bus terminal on Sariab Road:

According to the news, two Hazara Shias were taken down from the Quetta-Karachi bus after identifiying them as Shias and killed them on the spot. The tragedy took place at the Al Yousuf terminal on Sariab Road when both of the travelers were on bus planning to travel to Karachi. The name of the Martyrs are Shaheed Muhammad Nabi and Shaheed Muhammad Juma. Later the body of the martyrs were shifted to C.M.H Hospital.

This is the first attack in Quetta since the killing of around 30 Shia Hazaras in a sucide bomb blast on the bus of Zaireen on 21st of January when they were returning from Karbala. A nation wide sit-in protest was held for multiple days in which the targeted operation against these terrorists were demanded. Around 15 terrorists were caught in the next day of operation in Mastung area but till this day the fate of those terrorists remain unknown.