Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation(Reg.)

A step towards Unity and Self reliance among Hazara Shia Asna Ashari (Quetta)

                                                  شہداء روز عاشورہ 


      Remembering these Martyrs on every 2nd of March and on Day of Ashura

بہ یاد شہیدا


"It was the Aashura's Day on 10th Muharram, 2nd March 2004 on Tuesday at 1:15 PM when peaceful mourners of Imam Hussain (A.S) were attacked by 2 coward men of (Lashkar-e-Jhangvi/Taliban) hiding in single story building (Bano Market) located in one of the busiest market of Quetta "Liaqat Bazar", by hand grenades and automatic guns (AK47).

Because of the attack only a few casualties were caused. Later, sadly and unexpectedly after this mishap, law enforcement forces (ATF - Anti terrorist force) also opened fire on peaceful and helpless people in procession and they alleged that Mourners in procession also fired on ATF force, which they couldn't prove.

This incidence took place almost 7 months after the attack on Imam Bargah Kalan. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi clearly accepts the responsibility of these attacks and more than 50 Momineens embraced Martyrdom on the Day of Aashura and around 150 momineens were injured.

These Martyrs have greater significance because of their Martyrdom on the Day of Aashura, and the foundation commemorate their Martyrdom twice a year, one on the Day of Aashura and Second on 2nd of March. 

Please recite Surah fatiha and Ikhlas for the bliss their soul. May Allah Almighty and Masomeen give us to unite and resist against the Tyrants and Yazeediyat. Please come forward and help us to move towards the path of dignity."

                                     Hussain Hussain Shiar e ma, Shahdat iftikhar e ma.
                                             Shahadat Shahadat, Sa'adat Sa'adat...

                                       Kulo Yumin Aashura, Kula Arzin Karbala.

To pay the highest tribute to the Martyrs and to make their sacrifice unforgettable as it should, Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation commemorates the Martyrdom Anniversary of all the Martyrs of Momineen in Quetta. Indeed all the other Martyrs through out the World are as much important as these Martyrs are.

This section of the website is dedicated to remember all the Martyrs. Although some of the Martyrs Anniversaries have been mentioned here, the Anniversary of all other Martyrs are commemorated on (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Takreem-e-Shuhdah-Foundation-A-step-towards-Uniting-Hazaras/113172358694877) Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation's Facebook Page</a>. Please keep following the Martyrdom anninversary of the individual Martyrs on our facebook page.

We request all the Momineens to remember them in our prayers and indeed we are indebted to the blood they have shed. Our resistance against the oppression, upholding the truth against falsehood, choosing the path of dignity and rejecting the humiliation and showing steadfastness to the greatest cause of Imam Hussain a.s. are few ways out of many through which we can bring our Martyr's cause alive. Lastly and above all, the greatest cause is to achieve the willingness of Allah Almighty.

Please join us in this struggle and support the cause through financially or any other possible means that you can.

                                            (Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation - TSF)