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A step towards Unity and Self reliance among Hazara Shia Asna Ashari (Quetta)

                              December News


                               1432  - محرّم الحرام



>15-12-2010: Four Hazara Momeneens are martyred

According to some reports, today on 8th Muharram ul Harram in Quetta, four Hazara Momeneens including a child have have been martyred on Arbab Karam Khan Road. Some unidentified men opened fire on a car on Arbab Karam Khan Road in the second half of today. Consequently, Mehdi 4, was Martyred on the spot while Mohammad Hussain, Baraat Ali and Iftikhar succumbed to injuries in the hospital.


     أسلام عليك يا أباعبدالله الحسين  


                         بہت عظیم ہے وہ خانوادے شہدا

   کے ان کو رب کی طرف سے ملا ہے یہ رتبہ 

وہ والدین بہت خوش نصیب ہے لوگوں 

حسین کے لئے جن کا ہے مر گیا بیٹا 




In the last moments of Imam Hussain a.s Martyrdom when all of his companions were Martyred, Imam Hussain a.s. was now standing all alone, with the enemy forces all around him, bleeding from innumerable wounds from head to toe, having lost one and all of his Godly comrades (sons, brothers, nephews and companions), gave his last call to humanity around him, inviting them to join him in the way of the Lord, saying:

"Hal Min Nasirin Yansorona (Is there any helper to help us)?"


When there was no response from any one of the thousands standing around him, he then said aloud:

"Alam Tasma'o? Alaisa Fikum Muslimu (Do you hear me not? Is there not even a single Muslim among you)?" Yet there was no response.

When Imam Hussain (pbuh) gave his final call to the world around him inviting the people in the way of the Lord, Imam Hussain's son 'Ali Zainul Abideen' who was confined to bed with high fever, and who had just a little before received the charge of the Imamate from his father, got up and leaning on a staff, dragged himself out of his tent with his feeble sickly voice, walking towards the Holy Imam saying:

"Labbaik, Ya Abata, Labbaik (Yes, Here I am O Father dear! Here I am)!"


    صداء إ سيد الشهدا (ع) ده کوئٹہ بولند شده


From Karbala to Quetta: In Karbala, Yazeed's demand from Imam Hussain a.s was either to accept or surrender to whatever he says or be willing to die. In Quetta, the demand of Today's Yazeed from us is either to accept and surrender to whatever they say, be scared of them, leave our shops, offices & homes for them or be willing to give your life. What have we done so far?

The below video is dedicated to Shudah e Quetta.




          خواهيش براري قوم كي ده عزي ماء ع محرم ده  کوئٹہ نيه




كاش ده روز عاشورا ده کوئٹہ موبودوم كي  ياك موقع شايد شهيد شده زيارة إمام حسين ده نصيب مشد


 لبيك يا حسين


Imam Hussain a.s once said, "I never revolted in vain, as a rebel or as a tyrant, but I rose seeking reformation for the nation of my grandfather Mohammad. I intend to enjoin good and forbid evil, to act according to the traditions of my grandfather, and my father Ali Ibn Abi-Talib".

In another place Imam Hussain a.s. said, "People are slaves to the world , and as long as they live favorable and comfortable lives , they are loyal to religious principles. However , at hard times , the times of trials , true religious people are scarce.

This Muharram is dedicated to those Martyrs who really gave their life for the cause of Imam Hussain a.s. The Matyrs of Al-Quds Rally.