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                                                      December News


29-12-2011: Police surgeon Dr. Baqir Shah was Martyred at Sabzal Road:

According to the various resources, Police Surgeon, Dr. Baqar Shah, was martyred by unknown gunmen on Sabzal Road in Quetta.

Dr. Shah was one the key forensic investigators in 'Kharotabad Massacre'.

Masked motorcycle riders ambushed him while he was on his way home. 

After intercepting him, assassins shot him in the head five times and fled the scene, police said.

He was rushed to the hospital but to no avail, as doctors confirmed he had died before even he was brought into the emergency room.

Shah had spoken about death threats from unknown people in a televised press conference earlier this year after he resisted pressure to fudge the postmortem reports of four unarmed Russians and a Tajik shot dead by police.    

On May 17, police and Frontier Corps paramilitary forces opened fire on the group, saying they were suicide bombers who attacked a checkpoint in Kharotabad on the outskirts of Quetta.    

A subsequent judicial commission found that the Tajik and the Russians, three of whom were women and one of whom was pregnant, were unarmed. It sacked two police officials over the killings.    

Dr. Baqar Shah's resistance towards finding the truth and seeking justice for the unjustified action of the culprits achieved him the status of Martyrdom.


19-12-2011: Another Shia Momin was martyred in Mastung:

It has been reported that a Shia momin named Muhammad Iqbal Mayngal was martyred on Monday near Quetta city in Mastung. Muhammad Iqbal Mayngal was martyred by Laskhar e Jhangvi, the pro Taliban banned terrorist groups. It is to note that this is the third attack by the terrorists in less than three weeks. Shaheed Danish Baltistani and Ali Hassan Hazara were martyred earlier before this one.


17-12-2011: Ali Hassan Hazara was Martyred in Saryab Road:

The armed terrorists of Nasabi-Wahabi outfit on Saturday  gunned down a Ali Hassan Hazara in Srayab road  Quetta.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Shaheed  Ali Hassan was martyred by the Nasabi-Wahabi terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba and Taliban in the area of Quetta at Saryab road.

He belongs from the Hazara Shia Community of Quetta  and he was working at Sardar Akber Bugti’s Home as a Gatekeeper,The armed terrorist gunned down him just after the Maghrib prayers.

The body of martyred Ali Hassan was taken to Balochistan Medical College Hospital and he received many bullets in his chest and head. He was buried in the Hazara town's graveyard.