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                                                            December News

21-12-2013: Syed Muhammad Hussain injured at Zulfiqar Market on 11th of December embraced martyrdom:

Earlier today, Syed Muhammad Hussain who was injured on 11th of December due to the attack of Sipah Sahaba's followers embraced Martrydom Today. 

The illiterate and ignorant group of Sipah Sahaba/ASWJ on 11th of December found some of the pages containing Irani poetry in fruit karate and though they are Holy Quran pages due to which they started creating disturbance in the City. They also attacked different shops and injured many people.

Shaheed Syed Muhammad Hussain was a watchman at Zulfiqar Shop and he was injured during this attack. He was admitted at CMH and had been under treatment till yesterday when he couldn't resist to injuries and embraced Martyrdom. The body of the Martyr was later shifted to ImamBargah Fatimia for his funeral procession.