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                                                              February News

16-02-2013: Another bomb blast in Kirani Road martyred 110 and injured 160 Shia Momineen in Quetta:

According to the reports, in another powerful what is presumed as the remote controlled blast in Kirani Road near language centre took lives of 85 Shia Momineen and around 200 were injured in moments. However, due to critical injureis many the injured embraced martyrdom later and the number of martmartyrdom reached to 110. It is in the last evening of Saturday when this blast took place in a densely populated area of Shia momineen of Quetta. There are a number of women and children included in the martyrs and injured.

The intensity of the bomb blast is considered to be quite stronger than the one used in Alamdar Road bombing last month on January 10th in which around 80 momineen were martyred and more than 100 were  injured. The bomb is considered to weigh almost 1000Kg and the bomb was planted in Water Tanker that was driven through to the heavily populated area of Shia Hazaras in Kirani Road.

Nonetheless, this is considered as the biggest bomb blast in the history of Quetta and it is the second bomb attack in just 36 days. These bomb attacks have claimed at least the lives of 170 Shia momineen and injured 340.

The following are so far the name of martyrs reported:

Male Martyrs: 

1. Shaheed Jan Ali wald Mohammad Juma.

2. Shaheed Shabir wald Zabi ullah.

3. Shaheed Syed Mehdi wald Syed Afghan.

4. Shaheed Jaffer wald Chaman Ali.

5. Shaheed Mohammad Qasim wald Rustam Ali.

6. Shaheed Khan Ali.

7. Shaheed Kabir Ali wald Ali raza.

8. Shaheed Mohammad Ali.

9. Shaheed Nauroz Ali wald Bostan Ali.

10. Shaheed Qurban Ali wald Najaf Ali.

11. Shaheed Ali Mada wald Hassan ali.

12. Shaheed Hussain Ali wald Ali Ahmed.

13. Shaheed Mohammad Naeem wald Nazeer Ali.

14. Shaheed Zahir wald Hussain Bakhsh.

15. Shaheed Javed wald Hussain Bakhsh.

16. Shaheed Mohammad Musa wald Mohammad Essa.

17. Shaheed Ahmed wald Mohammad Jan.

18. Shaheed Nasir ali wald Nadir Ali.

19. Shaheed Hussain Ali wald Hadi.

20. Shaheed Abdur Rashid.

Female Martyrs: 

1. Shaheed Razia bint Eshaq ali

2. Shaheed Saima bint Izatullah

3. Shaheed Hanifa bibi bint Arbab Mohammad Eshaq

4. Shaheed Masum bint Nauroz Ali.

5. Shaheed Saliha bint muhmd nadir. 

6. Shaheed Zainab bint Sakhi dad.

7. Shaheed Salima bint Sakhi dad