Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation(Reg.)

A step towards Unity and Self reliance among Hazara Shia Asna Ashari (Quetta)

   Tarkeem e Shuhdah Foundation's First Fifteen month's Progress

As of 9th February, 2011: From that first day, 9th of November 2009 till now, 9th of February 2011 the following are the first fifteen months of achievements of our Hazara brothers under the platform of this Foundation;

-- Got the support of around FIFTY Hazara brothers financially or otherwise in Quetta and around the World.

-- Raised Rs. 631,500 and donated Rs. 335,000 Approx.

-- Have been performing the responsibility of helping Four of the Martyrs families and one of the Deserving families by financially helping them on monthly basis.

-- It also helped in funding financially for the operation of one Injured brother and also gave the whole  fees for the operation of one of the Marty's wife who was badly in pain because of illness.

-- Since the first day, the Foundation has been holding "Rooz e Shaheed" every month in the remembrance of our Martyrs by reciting Fatiha, Duas, Manqabat for the Martyrs, discuss the daily issues that we come across and also to raise funds.

-- It was finally registered in Quetta in June 2010.



Yes, it is our efforts and by the word 'OUR' we simply mean not only the Foundation but it is you and i, the normal Hazara individuals who have forgotten about the minor differences, becoming united and working together towards one cause that is'CHOOSING THE PATH OF DIGNITY' like Imam Hussain a.s.

We need the help of every Hazara brother in Quetta and around the world in raising the awareness of Unity and Self reliance among our selves.  

PLEASE COME FORWARD, JOIN US TO DO SOMETHING WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ONLY TALKING ABOUT. If we do not do it, no body is going to do it for us and we will keep loosing our lives like that in Quetta.

Let's not complain, do something practically and pray from Allah Almighty and Chardah Masoomen, that may they help us in building ourselves as a strong and dignified people in Quetta and around the World.

Surely Allah Almighty, Chardah Masoomen and our Martyrs will be willing and happy with such of our acts like this one.