Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation(Reg.)

A step towards Unity and Self reliance among Hazara Shia Asna Ashari (Quetta)


History of Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation:

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation which means honoring the Martyrs was founded on 8th November 2009 by a group of young individuals of Hazara community of Quetta. It was made in response to the rising number of martyrs and injured in Quetta as a result of continuous terrorist’s attacks. Most of the martyrs and injured families needed a moral and financial support which we planned to achieve using the first ever platform that was aimed for raising the awareness of unity and self reliance in the community.

In early 2009, before this platform was made we as a few individuals started working for our community and made contributions physically and financially in different forms for the families of Martyrs. Later when the killings intensified we realized that if one helps personally like what we were doing, one can hardly help a family. But if an organized platform is made and work as a united community, indeed we may not only help the deserving families of the Martyrs but we can easily work in different areas of life to perform our responsibilities and progress as a strong community in Quetta.

As a result, the platform for dignifying the martyrs and their families was made on 8th November 2009 in the form of Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation. Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation is indeed a gift of our Martyrs. The project whose motivation is our Martyrs and whose inspiration is The King of the Martyrs Imam Hussain a.s.