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                                                          January 2012

06-01-2012: Police officer Ghullam Abbas Bangash was martyred in Nawa-Kali:

Today, on Friday, another follower of Imam Hussain a.s. named Officer ASI Ghulam Abbas Bangash was martyred by the Yazeedi terrorists in Nawak Kali near Quetta city.

According to the various resources, the Assistant Sub Inspector of Balochistan Police Shaheed Ghulam Abbas Bangash was gunned down by the Wahabi-Nasabi terrorists at Nawa-Kali Quetta and the attackers fled the scene.

The body of Shaheed Ghulam Abbas Bangash was brought to the Imam Bargah Nachari. This is the fifth Shia momin that was martyred in and near to the captial of Balochistan in less than first six weeks of the Islamic calendar that starts with the Month of Muharram ul Harram when the Arbaeen of Imam Hussain a.s. is still left by a week.

We have been very much thankful to Shaheed Foundation for taking care of the Martyrs families in Quetta. Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation made by the Hazara Momineen, now promises to take care of the Martyrs families in Quetta ourselves. Considering our population in Quetta and around the world, we should be capable not only to help the Martyrs of Quetta but the Martyrs around Pakistan.
16-01-2012: Number of Martyrs and Injured in 2011 as a result of Terrorist attacks in Quetta and nearby:

The following table lists the information regarding all the Martyrs and Injured in year 2011 along with the dates as a result of numerous terrorist attacks carried out at different locations in Quetta and nearby. The information has been collected by Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation and have tried to be as accurate as possible.

Also available at the following link and click Full size to view in larger size;



19-01-2012: Another Shia Momin, Nisar Ahmed was Martyred at Saryab Road:

Today, another Shia momin named Nisar Ahmad son of Sardar Muhammad was Targetted  at Saryab Road, Quetta when he was going back to his home after closing his shop.

According to the details, he was on his way to home after closing his shop when he was intercepted by the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi, who fired Multiple Bullets due to which he was fatally injured. His body was shifted to the Bolan Medical College wheresuccumbed to injuries to reach the status of Martyrdom.

As usual the terrorist was able to ran away easily to wait for another target. Later the Martyr's body was shifted to Imam Bargah Imam e zaman and his funeral procession was held at Qabristan in Hazara Town.

This was the sixth victim of Terrorism in less than two months since the 1st Muharram ul Haram. The enemies of Ahlal Bayat a.s. are as active in Quetta as they were before and the Momineens of Quetta ,especially the Hazara momineen who were mostly targeted in the Past, should be vigilant and continue their struggle towards this ongoing target killing that has never stopped for almost a decade. 


25-01-2012: Three Hazara Momineen martyred at Maykangi Road:

Three Hazara Momineen were martyred as a result of an attack carried by the Terrorists and the enemies of Ahlal bayt a.s at Maykangi Road. All the three Hazara momineen were on a car and martyred on the spot when they were attacked around 9pm by the terrorists riding on a Motercycle. The name of the Martyrs are, FIA Inspector Shaheed Walayat Hussain, Shaheed Abid Ali Nazish and Shaheed Anwar Ali. All of the Martyrs were well known personalities in Quett and indeed is a great loss to all momineens.

Five momineens have all together been martyred in three different attacks since the begining of this year in Quetta and nearby. As always, the martyrs in this case fled from the scene and Police rushed to the spot soon after the incident and cordoned off the area.