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                                                               June News

08-06-2014: 26 Shia momineen martyred and dozens injured in Taftan in another terrorist attack:

This Sunday night around 300 Shia pilgrims had stopped at two hotels Al-Murtaza and Hashimi Hotel in Taftan after returning from Iran when the terrorist carried out the attacks. 

According to the reports, it was around 9pm when a few suicide terrorists entered Al-Murtaza hotel. First they started indiscriminate firing at the pilgrims and after that they exploded themselves due to which 23 Pilgrims were martyred. Meanwhile another few terrorists also entered in Hashimi Hotels and exploded themselves due to which 3 Pilgrims were martyred. There are around 15 other pilgrims who were injured due to this attack.

Later there was an exchange of firing between the terrorists and the Security forces but the remaining terrorists fled from the area.    

Since Tafta is located at the border of Iran and Pakistan there are usually higher number of security forces. However during this attack which took almost half an hour, there were no security forces in the area to respond to this attack which raises a big question again if the terrorists are supported or provided a cover by the state? 

Three of the Martyrs are Shia Momineen of Hazara Town where as the rest of the martyrs were from Khyber Phaktunkhwa. This is the third attack on Shia Pilgrims travelling from this route in this year.
After this incident Iran has also blocked its border for indefinite time.