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                                                                   May News

21-05-2013: SHO Ahwaz Ali was martyred by a police officer in Chaman:

Earlier this Tuesday evening, SHO Ahwaz ali was martyred by a police officer at Gulistan police station in Chaman. According to the reports, the police officer named Naimatullah martyred SHO Ahwaz Ali by shooting at him and ran away from the scene. There are reports that the reason behind this killing was the leave request from Naimatullah was rejected by the martyred SHO. However, it is believed that this was the sectarian killing as Ahwaz Ali was Shia Muslim. Later the body of the martyred was shifted to BMC Hospital. 

The killings of Shia Muslims in Quetta and through out the Pakistan have been continuous irrespective of whichever government comes. This was the first killing of a Shia Momin in Quetta area after the election that as held on May 11.                                                

                                                     Shaheed SHO Ahwaz Ali

08-05-2013: Another Shia Momin Syed Abbas Shah has been martyred on Bypass Road:

According to the reports, earlier this morning the terrorists of Sipah Sahaba attacked another Shia Momin, Syed Abbas Shah, on bypass road due to which he was martyred. The body of Shaheed Syed Abbas Shah son of Syed Hussain Shah was later shifted to Imambargah Wali Asar.The rise in the killings of Shia Momineem of Quetta started again after almost two months of a brief pause since the Kirani Road bomb blast. This is the fifth attack in less than four weeks.

05-05-2013: Hazara Momin Asad Ali was Martyred in another attack by Takfiri Terrorist:

It has been reported that the takfiri terrorists of Lashkar Jhangvi/Sipah Sahaba carried out another attack on a Shia Hazara momin this Sunday evening near Agha Siraj Complex close to Jinnah Road Quetta. The martyred momin Asad Ali son of Salman Alli was shot on his head. He was severely wounded and later shifted to C.M.H Hospital where he succumbed to injuries and embraced martyrdom. He was the resident of Nasirabad, Mariabad.

The Martyrdom of Shaheed Asad Ali brings the total numbers of Shia Momineen Martyrs in Quetta to two in two weeks as the terrorists attack gradually rises after the brief pause of Alamdar Road and Kirani Road bomb blast tragedies in which around 200 Shia momineen were martyred.