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                                                            November News

28-11-2012: Haji Hussain, owner of Sakhi Autos, was Martyred on Circular Road:

Earlier this evening,the Laskhar e Jhangvi terrorists attacked on the owner of Sakhi Autos, Haji Hussain who was martyred on the spot. According to the reports, Haji Hussain son of Hussain Ali was sitting at his shop on Circular Road when the LeJ/Sipah e Sahaba terrorists stormed into shop and opened fire upon him.The terrorists easily escaped from the scene and the police and the FC security forces reached after the attack as usual.

This is the third attack in the first fourteen days of the month of Muharram ul Harram and four Shia Hazara momineen have been martyred so far. Previously the state sponsored Lashkar e Jhangvi terrorists threatened to attack on Jaloos e Aashura if it comes out on the road but they were not able to do so. Large number of Shia Momineen attended the Ashura Jaloos to convey the terrorists a clear message that indeed we are not the ones to get threatened from the threats.

The coward terrorists backed by the government and agencies have not dared to openly attack on Shia Momineen of Quetta yet they keep giving threats with out fulfilling it. Hazara Momineen who are the main victims of these attacks need to come with the strategy of defending their people in face of these attacks. From the past four years after the continuous killing of Shia momineen mostly belonging to  Hazara tribe, the message is clear from the terrorists and the government that until and unless we do not show any reaction, this killing will not stop.

18.11.2012: A Hazara Momin, Muhammad Hashim martyred in Khuzdar.

According to the sources, Muhammad Hashim,who was keeper of a imambargah in khuzdar and worked as a cobbler for earning, was martyred on Sunday evening by unknown gunman,on Jinaah Road ,Khuzdar.

Muhammad Hashim was said to be a well known and a well respected figure in Khuzdar. The Martyre's body has been shifted to Quetta for burial.

Despite the increasing incidents of target killing, which has exceeded more than Nine Hundred Hazara momineen only, the security forces and government have been unable to arrest any terrorist or bring any justice to the Hazara people. All the Hazara momineen in Quetta and around the world must not remain silent and support their brothers in Quetta in all possible ways whether it is supporting the martyrs families or supporting the community for security purpose.Takreem Shuhadah Foundation encouragesall momineen particularly Hazara Momineen from all around the world to come forward and support theirtheir brothers and sisters in this difficult times.


15-11-2012: Firing at Akhtar Abad, killing 2 Hazara/Shia vegetable sellers:

Today early morning, terrorists attacked a vegetable seller at akhtar abad, near western bypass (Quetta), which resultantly caused death of 2 Hazara/Shiya vegetable sellers.

This is the not the first time that terrorists have attacked innocent vegetable sellers and labors at Akhtar Abad - But still killers are at large under government's shelter. 

12-11-2012: Firing at Bolan, Much bazar (Balochistan) killing 4 Hazara Momineen:

Today, around 8 PM, at Much bazar, Bolan (Balochistan) terrorists attacked 4 hazara/shia. Three of them martyred on the spot where as one of them (Asad Ullah) got severely injured, who later embracedmartyrdom;

The following are the names of the Today's martyrs;

1.Ghulam Ali
2. Ghulam Muhammad
3. Muhammad Ibrahim
4. Asad Ullah 

10-11-2012: A Hazara/Shia man, Muhammad Musa has been martyred:

Today in an other incident of target killing, Muhammad Musa Hazara has been shot dead at Double road Quetta.

This is to note that, it's the second consecutive incident of target killing of Hazara/Shiya in which 3 lives have been lost. 

10-11-12: 2 Hazara/Shia has been shot dead at Qandari Bazar Quetta: 

Today, around 2:15 PM, terrorists opened fire on a taxi at qandhari bazar Quetta (Near Manan Chowk), which caused death of 2 Hazara/Shiya, where as 2 others are injured. 

9-11-2012: Ghulam Rasool has been martyred in Arbab Karam Khan Road:

The unstopping, consecutive massacre of Hazara/Shiya in Quett and Karachi continues - Today early morning in Quetta a Hazara/Shiya man Ghulam Rasool has been shot dead. 
(Note that in whole year, Shiya massacre has reached his peak in month of October - November, in which every 2nd day at least 2,3 shiya killed in Quetta and Karachi)

8-11-2012: Muhammad Dawood got martyred in Munir Ahmad Mengal Road:

Today evening around 5:00 PM, A shiya/Hazara momin, Muhammad Dawood is shot dead by terrorists in Munir Ahmad Mengal Road Quetta - Muhammad Dawood was an owner of electric shop, when terrorists attacked him inside his shop. 

6-11-2012: Three Hazara/Shia men killed at spini road Quetta:

Three people were killed and two others injured when unidentified gunmen opened fire at a yellow cab in the Spiny Road area of Quetta on Tuesday

According to details, five men were going to Hazara Town in a cab from Alamdar Road, when they were shot by Terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. 

The injured were shifted to Bolan Medical Complex for treatment, but they are yet to be identified.

Name of martyrs are:

1. Shaheed Muhammad Essa

2. Shaheed Zakir Hussain

3. Shaheed Rehmat Ali

5-11-2012: A Hazara/Shia man, Haseeb Raza got martyred at sirki road Quetta:

He was travelling on riksha with his sister - When 2 motorcycle riders stopped the riksha and took him off and then killed him with gun in front of his sister, and as usually managed to flee easily.