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                                                            November News

25-11-2013:  Another Shia Hazara Momin Arif Hussain was Martyred on Kirani Road:

According to the reports, Arif Hussain son of Muhammad Ali Hazara was martyred when terrorist attacked him near Iqbal Abad on Kirani Road. The terrorists were able to escape from the scene easily.

19-11-2013: A Hazara momin named Muhammad Qasim was Martyred on Saryab Road:

A momin named Muhammad Qasim was martyred on Monday evening on Saryab Road, near the Sadabahar bus terminal by terrorist group Sipah e sahaba.The martyr's body was shifted to The Civil hospital Quetta and later to his home in Hazara town.

This is the second attack on the Hazara Shia Momineen in this month of November in Balochistan. The last attack took place in Mach in which six hazara Coal miners were martyred. The killings of Shia Muslims have been going through out the Pakistan with the support of the government and the security agencies. None of the terrorist has been brought to justice which indicates also an involvement of the judiciary as well.

04-11-2013: Dr. Sher Ali was Martyred in Manghopir, Karachi:

Earlier today in Karachi, Dr. Sher Ali son of Qalbe Hussain embraced martyrdom when Sipah Sahaba/Lashkar Jhangvi opened fire on him. The incident occurred in Manghopir when he was going to drop his children to school. His body was later shifted to Abbasi shaheed Hospital. 

Namaz-e-Janaza will be offered in morning on 05-Nov-2013 at 8:00 in Masjid Imamia while tadfeen will be in Manghopir Hazara Qabristan.

All Momineen are requested to recite surah-e-fateha for Shaheed Dr. Sher Ali.


01-11-2013: In another attack, Six Hazara Momineen coal miners were shot dead while another was injured in Mach area of Kachi district:

According to the reports, the terrorists opened fire at a vehicle carrying the Hazara coalminers when they were returning to the coal fields after making a purchase from Mach Bazaar. As a result six of the Hazara Momineen were martyred and another one was injured. The following are the name of the martyrs and one injured:

1- Shaheed Ali Raza

2- Shaheed Ibrahim

3- Shaheed Asif Ali

4- Shaheed Boman Ali

5- Shaheed Zamin Ali

6- Shaheed Abdul Hakim

The name of the injured is Juma Khan.