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                              October News

30-10-2011: Shabbir Hussain was martyred near Kandhaar in Afghanistan:

Shabbir Hussain son of Muhammad Ali was travelling with his friend from Quetta to Afghanistan in search of work when he was martyred near Khandaar when the clash was errupted between the US led NATO soliders and the Taliban. His bullet riddled body was returned back to Quetta and his body was burried in Bhisht Zainab, Hazara Qabristan.


28-10-2011: Azmat e Shuhdah Conference and protest rallies being held in Quetta and Perth:

On Friday, 28th October 2011 at 3pm, Azmat e Shuhdah Conference is being held at Ìmambargah e Nichari in Quetta. Around dozens of Aalim e Deen from various cities of Pakistan are coming to pay the highest tribute to the Martyrs of Quetta and to show the soladrity with the Shia Hazaras of Quetta in these difficult times. A large number of momineens are expected to attend the conference.

Also in Perth Australia, another rally is being held on the same day at Perth International Airport against the target killings of Hazaras in Quetta. It has been reported that Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani will be coming in Australia on the same day.

Another Protest rally in Perth is also held on Saturday 29th of October 2011 at 2pm at Forrest Place Perth CBD. The details of the rally are mentioned below;

Day 1st Protest:
Date: Friday 28th oct 2011
Time: 2:00 PM
Venue: Perth International Airport

Day 2nd Protest:
Date: Saturday 29th oct 2011
Time: 2:00 PM
Venue: Forrest Place, Perth CBD (opposite post office)

Note: Friday 28th Oct is public holiday

Email: ali-haz@hotmail.com.au
Mob: 0432 241 555


05-10-2011: 13 Hazara momineen Martyred and 6 injured in another targetted attack near Hazaar Ganji:

Thirteen people from Shia Hazara community along with a passenger were martyred while seven were injured in another other targetted attack near the Western Bypass Hazaar Ganji in Quetta on Tuesday morning around 7am.  The gunmen who attacked were riding on motorbikes, stopped a bus carrying passengers mostly belonging to Shia Hazaras who were headed to work at a vegetable market on the outskirts of Quetta. The attackers forced the people off the bus, made them stand in a line and then opened fire. A couple of non Hazara momin were also martyred and injured in this attack.

This is the third time in less than three weeks as the terrorists attacked the passangers in a way when the Hazara momineen were identified and taken off the bus or van and killed them while leaving the other passangers to go. In a first attack when the bus was going to Iran, 29 Hazara Momineen pilgrims were martyred in a Mastung area when a group of terrorists forecefully taken them off the bus, standing them in one line and killing them on the spot while leaving the other passengers to go. In the second attack, three of the Hazara momineen were identified on a van going towards Mach, forced them to get off the van and killed them instantly. The responsibilities of all the attacks were taken by the banned Militant outfit Lashkar e Jhangvi.
The name of the martyrs of this attack are following;
1. Hussain S/o Ali Dad
2. Hussain Bakhsh
3. Muhammad Ali Rangmal (Painter)
4. Zaki
5. Muhammad Ali
6. Muhammad Ali S/o Chaman Ali
7. Salman Ali S/o Ramazan Ali
8. Askar Ali S/o Ghulam Ali
9. Muhammad Zakir
10. Fida Hussain
11. Qurban S/o Ibrahim
12. Jan Ali S/o Muhammad Ali
13. Haji Malang

Injured :
1. Mohibullah S/o Abdul Wahab
2. Jawad
3. Muhammad Javed S/o Muhammad Ibrahim
4. Eid Muhammad S/o Barat
5. Ali Baba S/o Hasssa Ali
6. Abdullah S/o Juma Khan 


01-10-2011: A world wide protest has been organized by the Hazara brothers for the killings of Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan:

Hazara people have organized portest rallies through out the world to condemn the killings of Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan and also to show the solidarity with the Hazaras of Quetta. The following are the details of the venue and the corresponding contacts for the protest organizers around the world.


Country and City: Quetta, Karachi 
Area of Protest: Hazara Eid Gah, Imam Bagah e Nichari.

Organizer: Jawanan e Hazara,

Time: 4pm
Phone: 0092-333-2299750 Dr. Sher Ali
Date: 01 Oct, 2011

Country and City: Pakistan, Karachi 
Area of Protest: Press Club
Organizer: Hazara Mughal Yagjehti Forum
Contact Person: Sardar Mehdi Hassan Musa
Email: smhmusa@gmail.com
Phone: 0092-333-2299750 Dr. Sher Ali
Date: 01 Oct, 2011

Country and City: Pakistan, Lahore 
Area of Protest: Lahore Press Club
Organizer: Jawanan e Hazara Lahore & Hazara Students 
Time: 04:00 PM
Contact Person: Ali Anwar
Email: m.anwar@gmail.com
Phone: 0092-3895910 
Date: 01 Oct, 2011

Country and City: Pakistan, Islamabad 
Area of Protest: Parliament House
Organizer: Jawanan e Hazara
Contact Person: Sajjad Hussain
Email: face_sajjad@yahoo.com 
Phone: 0092-345-8521901 
Date: 01 Oct, 2011


Country and City: Australia, Adelaide 
Area of Protest: Victoria Square Adelaide 
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation 
Time: 09:30AM-1PM
Contact Person: Bismallah Rezaee
Phone: + 61-402 5411182
Date: 1st Oct, 2011

Country and City: Australia, Rockhampton Queensland 
Area of Protest: Victoria Park wandal Rockhampton Queensland Australia 4700
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation
Time: 11AM-1PM
Contact Person: Ali Raza
Email: ali.raza.sadiq@gmail.com
Phone: + 61-0421525371 
Date: 1st Oct, 2011

Country and City: Australia, Melbourne 
Area of Protest: State library 328 Swanston St, Melbourne
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation
Time: 11AM-2PM
Contact Person: John Gulzari
Email: johngulzari@gmail.com
Phone: John Gulzari + 61-404 833175 , Yousafi: 0401 278 768,
Abbas Hazara 0404 833 17
Date: 1st Oct, 2011

Country and City: Australia, Sydney 
Area of Protest: Town Hall, (procession will commence and proceed: towards Hyde Park 
(through G...)
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation
Time: 11AM-12:30PM
Contact Person: Ahmed Raza Wakil 
Email: rizwakil@aushf.org.au 
Phone: 0061400059000 
Date: 1st Oct, 2011

Country and City: Australia, Perth 
Area of Protest: Gearge Street Post Officer Perth City 
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation, All Hazara/Shia Community Perth
Time: 12:00AM-12:00PM
Contact Person: Jaffer Batoor
Email: jbatoor@yahoo.com
Phone: + 61- 422195508
Date: 1st Oct, 2011


Country and City: Canada- Toronto 
Area of Protest: Dundas Square (Yonge and Dundas Intersection) Toronto 
Organizer: Hazara Association Canada 
Time: 01:00PM – 04:00PM 
Contact Person: Jawad Changezi
Email: jawadchangezi@yahoo.com 
Phone: 0016477801912 
Date: 01 Oct, 2011


Country and City: USA-Newyork 
Area of Protest: Pakistani Consulate in 5th Avenue NY
Organizer: HOPE-USA
Contact Person: Liaquat Sharifi
Email: mysigncity@yahoo.com 
Phone: 001-917-3790-161 
Date: 30 Sep, 2011


Country and City: UK, London 
Area of Protest: Confirmed (London – Embassy of Pakistan)
Organizer: Hazara International Forum of Great Britain (Organized on its Own)
Time: 12:00 Noon to 15:00 Hours
Contact Person: Mama Marzuq
Email: hazarainternationalforum@gmail.com
Phone: 0044-0208 521 7462 (Mama Marzooq)
Date: 3rd Oct, 2011


Country and City: Norway, Oslo 
Area of Protest: Utenriks deapartmentet (National theateret) victoria Terrase 5, Oslo
Organizer: Hazara ha Norway
Time: 02:30PM-06:00PM
Contact Person: Maisam Haideri
Phone: 004745805653 
Date: 1st Oct, 2011


Country and City: Sweden Stockholm 
Area of Protest: 1: Pakistan embassy stadion station 
Organizer: Hazara Association Canada 
Time: 04:30PM – 06:00PM 
Contact Person: Yasir Zaidi, Khadim Shafai, Mirza Hussain 
Email: yasir_zaidi@yahoo.com 
Phone Contact: Khadim Shafai 0046722961331 Mirza hussain 0046735806764 
Yasir zaidi 0046700368654 
Date: 01 Oct, 2011

Country and City: Sweden Stockholm 
Area of Protest: 2: Pakistan embassy stadion station 
Organizer: Hazara Association Canada 
Time: 09:30PM – 11:30PM 
Contact Person: Yasir Zaidi, Khadim Shafai, Mirza Hussain 
Email: yasir_zaidi@yahoo.com 
Phone: Contact : Khadim Shafai 0046722961331 Mirza hussain 0046735806764 Yasir zaidi 0046700368654 
Date: 3rd Oct, 2011



Country and City: Italy - Rome 
Area of Protest: Piazza Venezia
Organizer: Hazara Association, Italy
Time: 02:00PM to 04:00PM
Contact Person: Musadiq
Email: musadiq_2@yahoo.com 
Phone: Musadiq 0039-3297293930 , Jafer # 0039-3282943334 , 
Date: 1st Oct, 2011



Country and City: Turkey, Istanbul 
Area of Protest :Taksim Square Istanbul
Organizer: Hazara Student Assocaition
Time : 11:00AM to 1:00PM
Contact: Hassan Raza Mirzaie 00905068535999 , Hassan Rezai.00905382901021
Contact: info@alakayn.com
Date : 1st Oct, 2011


Country and City: Turkey, Ankara 
Area of Protest : Iran street, No.37 in front of Pakistan Embassy Ankara
Organizer : Hazara Student Assocaition
Time : 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Contact: Abbas Ali Hussaini 00905073143631
Contact: info@alakayn.com
Date : 1st Oct, 2011

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Latest News:06-11-2015: A Shia Momin martyred and one Injured in another terrorist attack 07-11-2015: Two Hazara Shia Momineen were martyred at Ispini Road Quetta 03-11-2015: A Shia Momin Sadiq Ali was Martyred on Jan Muhammad Road in Quetta 06-07-2015: Three people martyred and two others injured in another terrorist attack 01-07-2015: 3 Shia momineen welders martyrd on Sarki Road 07-06-2015: Five Shia Momineen Martyred in another terrorists attack on Circular Road Quetta 27-05-2015: Two Shia Momineen were martyred on Meconogey road near Meezan Chowk 25-05-2015: Three Hazara Momineen martyred in two different attacks on the same day.... For Past news please visit the "News Corner" section of the website...

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