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                                                             October News

16-10-2012: Four Shia Momineen got martyred in Sirki Road Quetta:

Today in another attack, four members of the Hazara/Shiya community were gunned down in the scrap market of Quetta on Tuesday. The names of martyrs are Ghulam Ali, Syed Aiwaz, Ibrahim, Ali Atta.According to eye witness, two men on a motorcycle opened fire on the deceased while they were present at the scrap market.
All four of them died on the spot, while their bodies were transferred to Civil Hospital. And later on buried in Hazara graveyard (Behsht-e-Zainab)

14-10-2012: Two Shia Momineen got martyred in Abdul Sattar Road Quetta:

Today on 14 October 2012, Sunday evening, Haji Ishaq with his workers were coming back home from Abdul Sattar road Quetta, when terrorists attacked their car - Resultantly Haji ishaq (A jeweller shop owner) and one other momineen in the car embraced martyrdom, where as the remaining three passenger of car were severely injured, which later on were shifted to civil hospital.

The bodies of martyrs were buried in Hazara graveyard (Bhesht-e-Zainab) in the form of peaceful procession on 15 october 2012.

07-10-2012: Two Momineen were martyred on the same day by the Terrorists:

Earlier Today Muhammad Yasin son of Muhammad Ibrahim was martyred by Terrorists in Mussa Colony of Sariab Road Area. Shaheed Muhammad Yasin's body was shifted to Imambargah e Nichari where he was buried in Ganj e Shuhdah in Behsht e Zainab, Hazara Qabristan.

Also on the same day there was another terrorist attack in which a brother named Rahib Ali was martyred in Qambrani Road.

This was the fourth attack in first week of this month bring number of Martyrdoms to four. 

04-10-2012: A Shia momin and a Sunni Muslim brother Martyred on double road:

In another terrorists attack on Double road, A Shia momin named sheraaz has been martyred along with a sunni muslim brother named imran. Shaheed mran who was along with Shaheed Sheraaz was presumed to be considered as Shia Muslim and attacked both of them and they were martyred on the spot.

This is the second attack in a single day which resulted a couple of more martyrdom in addition to the previous attack in which a hazara momineen were martyred and two others were injured.

04-10-2012: One Hazara momin martyred and Two injured in Kuchlak:

According to the reports, the state sponsored terrorists carried out another attack in Kuchlak earlier this morning as a result one Hazara momin was martyred and two others were injured. The martyred and injured momineen were government officials at the finance department and they were believed to be traveling from Quetta to Pishin when two of the terrorists started indiscriminate firing on a car in Kuchlak.

The name of the Martyr is Sikandar Ali Hazara and the names of the injured are Mushtaq Ali and Saqib. The continuous killings of Shia Momineen mostly Hazara Shias is at its peak. Last month of average one momin was martyred on every alternative day and the number of injured was almost on the same figure.

Hazaras who are the backbone of Shia community in Quetta and have given martyrs in last decade to the extent that the figure is reaching close to 1,000 now and more than that number of momineen have been injured. The whole community has been mostly relying on government to provide security but the conditions have got only worst. Indeed it is only us that can make the environment better by relying on ourselves. If the aggression is forbidden, we have to the right defend ourselves.

All Momineen especially Hazara Momineen are requested to continue their struggle against this on going oppression against us. Whether it is about through funds or otherwise, supporting the affected families or giving funds for security, it is our obligation to do it.