Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation(Reg.)

A step towards Unity and Self reliance among Hazara Shia Asna Ashari (Quetta)

                             Why you should Trust us


1- Our aim is that we, the main members, will work ourselves first before approaching other Hazaras for funds. Therefore, we will ensure that we are the first Hazaras of this foundation that will financially support our Hazaras through our own money and time. 

2- Since the Foundation is solely based on receiving funds from hazaras throughout the world and donating them among the Martyrs, Injured ones and needy Hazaras. We have designed quite transparent system through which you can confirm that even your single Rupee hasn’t been misused and it has been received to that particular family/person. 

3- We have the list of all families along with their address and contact details that will receive the funds from us. You will be given the contact number of that family along with the address so that you can confirm yourself if the donated amount has been received. Since nobody can easily trust another, you, being a member, have every right to ask us about single rupee that you donate to this foundation. 

4- Since we mostly belong to the Martyr families and have already felt the pain. It would be equivalent to disrespecting our martyred father, uncle or brother dead body, if we cheat with this system. It is the real pain we felt through which we decided to start and work on this cause. 

5- Since, we are the young Hazara professional working in respected professional fields and also do not belong to any poor families that struggles financially. Therefore, there is not even a financial excuse which let us to exploit the system, God forbidden. 

6- We believe that we are accountable before Allah Almighty for every Rs. You give to this foundation as your fund for those families. We can cheat with people, but we cannot cheat with Allah Almighty. 

7- Last but not the least, we believe in honesty and sincerity that makes our system more reliable and trustworthy. We, being the main trustee of this foundation, have been trusted by many people in their surroundings. Therefore, you are more than welcome to ask about our character from any one which counts the most eventually.