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December '12 News

30-12-2012: Attack on the pilgrims bus in Mastung, 19 Martyred and 25 injured:

It has been reported that earlier this morning the buses of Pilgrims going towards Iran came under attack in Mastung due to which 19 Shia Momineen have been martyred and more than Twenty were injured. According to the reports, three buses of Ziaereen(Pilgrims going to Iran for visiting holy shrines) traveling under the protection of Levies security forces were attacked by a remote controlled bomb planted in a car in Daraingardh Area of Mastung. The car bomb was blasted when the buses reached close to it, however only one of the buses took the great impact of the bomb and burnt completely while the other two buses survived the attack.

All the bodies of Martyrs and injured were shifted to Bolan Medical Hosptial, civil hospital and C.M.H hospital. There are a few injured who are in critical condition. According to the reports, most of the Shia Momineen were from different cities of Punjab who started their journey from Punjabi Imambargah on Alamdar Road.

In the past, there have been many occasions in which the terrorists attacked the buses of Pilgrims either by stopping the bus and killing them one by one or by bombing it remotely. Lately, the government has tried providing some security arrangements for the travelers going from this route from Quetta to Iran, however they have completely failed. Due to many attacks of terrorists on Shia momineen in and outskirt city of Quetta, it is confirmed that it is not the failure of government, intelligence and security forces but they are directly or indirectly involved in these crimes.

The continuous killing of Shia Momineen in Quetta and through out Pakistan is on the rise with the banned outfit Lashkar e Jhangvi and Sipah e Sahaba puppets are openly threatening the Shia Muslims of Pakistan to be killed. However, the governments in different provinces are cooperating with such terrorists and extremists groups and have not take any concrete steps to stop this blood shed.

Our message to all these coward terrorists are this: No matter how less we are in number or how weak we are equipped we will take the pride to take your bullets on our chest and not on our backs if you dare to come in front. We are proud that we are the Shias of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w and Imam Ali a.s. who never escaped the battlefield and we never will. However, it is your tradition to attack from the back just like Hazrat Hamzah a.s., Hazrat Imam Ali a.s. who were martyred cowardly. 

26-12-2012: Another Momin, Ghulam Rasool Shah was Martyred in Hazaar Ganji:

According to the reports, the terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi attacked on another momin named Ghulam Rasool Shah when he was at tire Shop in Hazaar Ganji. He was shifted to C.M.H hospital but he succumbed to injuries and embraced martyrdom.

22-12-2012: A Shia Momin, Dost Muhammad was martyred in Mach:

According to Shiakilling news, a Shia momin named Dost Mohammad was Martyred in Mach when terrorists opened fired on him at Barber Shop (Hajaam) and escaped with no difficulty. The body of Shaheed was shifted to Civil Hospital.

Four years ago in 2008, one of the well known Aalim and a resident of Quetta, Al-Haaj Shaikh Muhammad Hassan Zakiri Al-Najafi was also martyred in Mach when terrorists attacked on him while he was returning after leading the Namaaz e Juma. Shia Momineen of Mach have also been targeted every now and then just like in some other remote cities of Balochistan.

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation mainly covers the Martyrdom news of Shia Momineen in Quetta and its surrounding areas and it also supports all other Shia isna Asheri platforms that are working for awareness of Shia Killings in Balochistan and through out Pakistan.

21-12-2012: A personal cheif security guard at Bilawal House was martyred at Jinnah Hospital in Karachi:

According to various reports,Today when Abdur Rehman was returning to his home finishing his duty at Bilawal House, a dozen of gunmen surrounded his car and opened firing. However, his response to the attack forced the attackers to flee. He was injured and taken to the Jinnah Hospital for treatment. The attackers broke into Jinnah’s Emergency Ward and attacked the injured Abdur Rehman using AK-47 gun and martyred him on the spot.

Shaheed Abdur Rehman s/o Habib ur Rehman was a close friend with Martyr Shahid Hussain who was killed in Qasba Colony. Martyr Abdur Rehman’s family resides in Iran. He is also know as “Muhammadi” amongst the Hazaras in Karachi. He was the chief security guard at Bilawal House and also a personal guard to Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari. He used to reside at Huma Heights close to Capri Cinema.

Shaheed Abdur Rehman

17-12-2012: Khadim Hussain Noori, the Director of the Public Relations and three other policemen martyred:

According to reports, earlier this morning the terrorists riding a motorbike attacked on another Shia Momin, the Director of Public Relations, Khadim Hussain Noori and Martyred him on the spot.

Shaheed Khadim Hussain Noori had been parking his car when he was shot outside the district court. The 56-year-old and a civil servant was a member of the Shia Muslim community in Quetta. The attack was sectarian in which the Director of Public Relations was Martyred.

The terrorists also martyred three other Policemen near Liaquat Bagh area when they tried to pursue the terrorists after the killing of the Director of Public Relations. The name of the martyred policemen are Rajab Ali, Abdul Rauf and Sangeen Khan. It is also reported that these two attacks are not linked to each other. 

Nonetheless, in today's incident yet another Shia Momin was targeted along with four other policeman. The target killings of Shia Muslims have been on the rise through out the Pakistan particularly in Quetta and Karachi. This is the second attack on Shia community of Quetta in less than five days in which four Shia Momineen have been martyred. Last Thursday, three Hazara Momineen were martyred in a single day and total Four Shia Momineen have been martyred in five days. The number of Martyrs of Shia Momineen of Quetta are reaching close to 1,000 in last decade and most of them are Shia Hazaras who are residing in Quetta in large numbers and for many decades.

Director of Public Relations Shaheed Mirza Khadim Hussain

ہمارا وعدہ شہیدوں سے

13-12-2012: Three Shia momineen martyred and in three different attacks in Quetta:

According to reports, today three momineen have been martyred in three different attacks carried out by the terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi. The attacks were carried out in different times and in different locations of Quetta.

In the first attack, Shabbir Hussain was Martyred near Salim Complex. He was the governmental officer at Secretariat Office. 

The second attack was carried out around the same time in afternoon at Ice cream shop(Dokaan e Sheer yakh) in which two other Momineen Taj Muhammad and Ali Khan were critically injured. Both of them were shifted to CMH hospital however Ali Khan later succumbed to injuries and embraced martyrdom. After a couple of hours, the state sponsored terrorists continued their aggression and attacked on another momin named Gul Shereen in Double Road and martyred him on the spot.These all attacks were carried out in one of the busy areas of Quetta.

The Shia Momineen of Quetta mostly belong to Shia Hazaras have been left at the mercy of such terrorists who have been carrying out such killings for last five years. Although the killings in Quetta started in the late 90s, the attacks have been intensified for last four years. For last two years the momineen were being attacked on Monthly basis and for last one year it is happening on weekly basis. 

The terrorism of Lashkar e Jhangvi backed by government and intelligence agencies will continue and it will not stop until and unless the Hazara momineen with the help of other momineen have not taken any concrete steps to stop this killing. These killings have not stopped even after having so many peacful protests in Quetta and around the world, using the tool of dialogues with the government, non government and UN agencies. If the government has failed to provide us security, it is our right to make arrangements to provide ourselves the security we need.

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation (Reg) requests all momineen and Mominaat whether they are in Quetta or around the world to please continue your struggle whether it is in the form of funding the families of Martyrs, funding brothers for security or for any other volunteer tasks that are working for the betterment of society, in the form of protests or in any other way. We should support each other irrespective of whoever is working as long as one is working against the oppression and in the favor of our oppressed people in Quetta.

The killings have not stopped, so it is MUST for all of us not to stop our struggle. Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation also promises for their continued struggle working in the favor of our oppressed people and against the oppressors. We will resist until the last drop of our blood. 

        Labbaik Ya Hussain a.s., Labbaik Ya Shahadat... Labbaik Ya Hussain a.s., Labbaik Ya Shahadat...

                           Hay Haath Minnazzillah - Hay Haath Minnazzillah - Hay Haath Minnazzillah

12-12-2012: Injured Hazara Momin, Altaf Hussain, embraced Martyrdom:

Altaf Hussain who was attacked on 5.12.2012 along with his brother near Askari Park, Quetta, embraced Martyrdom Today at CMH Quetta.

Shaheed Altaf Hussain, was under treatment since last Wednesday when he along with his brother Shaheed Ashfaq Hussain came under the terrorists attack. His brother embraced martyrdom on the spot where as Shaheed Altaf Hussain was injured and shifted to CMH hospital.

Shaheed Altaf Hussain's body is being shifted to Nichari Imambargah and later he will be buried in Ganj e Shuhdah along with the other Martyrs in Behsht e Zainab, Hazara Qabristan.  

"Husssain Hussain Shiaar e Maa, Shahadat e Iftikhaar e maa"

"Shahadat Shahadat, Sa'adat Sa'adat"

07-12-2012: Inspector Manzoor Hussain has been martyred by his own guard in Pishin:

According to some reports, earlier today a Shia Momin Manzoor Hussain was martyred by his own Security guard in Pishin. It is believed that he was martyred because of his faith belonging to Shia sect of Muslim. Such attack has never happened in the past when a person is killed by his own security guard because of his faith.

The continuous killings of Shia Momineen is on the rise through out Pakistan especially in Quetta and Karachi where Shia Momineen are being martyred on daily basis. The only way to achieve victory against these criminals and terrorists backed by the agencies and governments are relying on ourselves in all areas of our lives. Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation is a voice of Shia Momineen in Quetta against the oppressors.

05-12-2012: A Hazara momin Martyred and another injured near Askari Park;

According to the sources, some unknown terrorists opened fire on two Hazara Momineen near Askari Park, Airport Road, Quetta.

The Hazara momineen, Ashfaq Hussain and Altaf Hussain, were said to be brothers and were resident of Wapda Colony Nawakali.

As a result of the attack, Asfaq Hussain embraced Martyrdom. The Martyr's body has been taken to Nichari Imambargah, whereas, the injured Altaf Hussain has been shifted to CMH for treatment of his injuries. A third passer by named Liaquat also got injured.He belongs to Baloch Lango trilbe.

Shaheed Ashfaq Hussain

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