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January News

30-01-2013: Hakim Raza the injured of Alamdar Road blasts, embraced martyrdom:

According to the reports, Hakim Raza who was one of the injured of Alamdar Road Bomb Blasts embraced martyrdom at Fatimia Hospital in Karachi. Shaheed Hakim Raza was under treatment since 10th of January when the bomb attacks took place on Alamdar Road Quetta.

There were around 34 injured who were transferred to Karachi for special treatment at Agha Khan University Hospital(AKUH) and Liaquat National Hospital. Twenty Eight of them were under treatment at AKUH and six of them were admitted at Liaquat National Hospital. However, most of them recovered well Alhumdulilah and only Eight injured is left still under treatment at AKUH. It is kindly requested to pray for the immediate recovery of the patients. 

29-01-2013: A Hazara Police driver Martyred along with a police constable on Arbab Karam Khan Road:

According to the police, the sub inspector Zafer, constable Shahmir and their driver Khudadad (a Hazara momin) were patroling the area when their car broke for which reason they had to take the car to the near by mechanic shop. The constable and the driver, then, went to get the required parts for fixing the car when they were attacked by some unknown gunman, as a result of which both lost their lives on the spot.

Later, the Hazara momin, Khudadad's body was taken to the Hazara Town Graveyard for burial.

The Jeshan ul Islam terrorist group has claimed the firing attack on the police officials that took place on the 29th of januaury on Arbab Karam Khan Road Quetta.

18-01-2013: A Shia Momin, Shaban Bangesh martyred in Khuzdar:

According to different resources, a Shia momin named Shaban Bangash ibn Mera Shah was martyred by the terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi when they attacked him in Khuzdar. He was martyred on the spot and was later moved to Quetta.

This is the first attack on Shia Momineen in the Balochistan area after the successful Dharna Protest that end last Monday on 14th of January, 2013.

15-01-2013: Injured Shia momin Abdul Waez embraced Martyrdom:

Shia momin Abdul Waez, who had been injured in the Alamdar Road's bomb blasts attack succumb to injuries and embraced Martyrdom. Around 90 momineen were martyred and around 110 momineen were injured in twin bomb blast attacks near Pearl Institue building on Alamdar Road.

The Chowk or intersection between Alamdar Road and Rahmatullah Road where these bomb blast attacks were carried out has been named "Shuhdah Chowk" in respect and remembrance of these martyrs after this tragedy.

The name of the identified Martyrs of Alamdar Road tragedy:

1- Shaheed Kamran Ali wald Haji Jaan Ali

2- Shaheed Shabeer Ahmed wald Naseer Ahmed

3- Shaheed Abdullah wald Bostan Ali

4- Shaheed Qurban Ali wald Dedar Ali

5- Shaheed Syed Ahmed wald Syed Musa Jaan

6- Shaheed Ali Raza wald Mohammad Shareef

7- Shaheed Ramzan Ali wald Mohammad Abrahim

8- Shaheed Mohammad Jafer (SHO) wald Mohammad Afzal

9- Shaheed Mohammdad Ali wald Ahmed Ali

10- Shaheed Monawer Hussain wald Ali Madad

11- Shaheed Syed Muzaffer wald Syed Essa

12- Shaheed Basharat Ali wald Ghulam Nabi

13- Shaheed Sadaqat Ali wald Ghulam Nabi

14- Shaheed Syed Meesam wald Syed Zakir Shah

15- Shaheed Wajid Hussain wald Ghulab Hussain

16- Shaheed Zaheer Abbas wald bostan Ali

17- Shaheed Mohammad Mehdi wald Hussain Bakhash

18- Shaheed Mohammad Murtaza wald Ghulam Rasool

19 -Shaheed Abbas Ali wald Mohammad Ali

20- Shaheed Liaqat Ali wald Hussain Ali

21- Shaheed Nazir Hussain (Police) wald Mohammad Nabi

22- Shaheed Abrar Ali wald Ghulam Hasan

23- Shaheed Kerbalai Ashraf wald Kerbalai Mohammd Mosa

24- Shaheed Mohammad Ali wald Ahmed Ali

25- Shaheed Irfan Ali wald Ishaq Ali

26- Shaheed Mohammad Hasan wald Moahmmad Musa

27- Shaheed Mujtaba Hussain wald Muhammad Abdul Aziz

28- Shaheed Dawar Haider wald Syed Shahid Abbas

29- Shaheed Mirza Hussain wald Mohammad Ishaq

30- Shaheed Shah Hussain wald Rehan Shah

31- Shaheed Zeshan Haider wald Mohammad Raza

32- Shaheed Habib Allah wald Mirza Khadim Hussain

33- Shaheed Ahsaan Ali wald Ghulam Haider

34- Shaheed Murtaza Baig wald Mustafa Baig

35- Shaheed Mohammad Arif wald Ali Hasan

36- Shaheed Haji Pervaiz wald Haji Mohammad Taher

37- Shaheed Jamshaid Ahmed wald Hazrat

38- Shaheed Irfan Ali wald Khair Mohammad

39- Shaheed Zahid Ali Wald Habibullah

40- Shaheed Mohammad Hassan ibn Mohammad Musa

41- Shaheed Imdad Hussain wald Najaf Ali

42- Shaheed Khadim Hussain wald Najaf Ali

43- Shaheed Nasir Hussain wald Najaf Ali

44- Shaheed Jamshaidd Ahmed wald Ghulam Hazrat

45- Shaheed Mirza Muhammad Iqbal wald Mirza Ghazenfer Ali

46- Shaheed Syed Anwer Agha wald Syed Asgher Shah

47- Shaheed Haji Ali Ahmed wald Mohammed Sarwer

48 -Shaheed Syed Dawar Haider Naqvi wald Shahid Abbas Naqvi

49- Shaheed Syed Sajjad Akber wald Syed Ali Akber

50- Shaheed Abdul Hameed wald Haji Abdul Qayoom

51 Shaheed Tayyab Hussain wald Haji Tahir Hussain

52-Shaheed Syed Noor Agha wald Syed Asghar Shah

53- Shaheed Haji Muzhar Ali wald Mukhtar Ali

54- Shaheed Ali Nawaz wald Ali Akber

55- Shaheed Asad Ali wald Haji Aziz

56- Shaheed Mohammd Adrees wald Abdul Hadi

57- Shaheed Mohammad Hashim wald Mohammad qasim

58- Shaheed Mohammad Arif wald Mohammad Jawad.

59- Shaheed Abul Waez

60- Shaheed Asad Ali Wald Haji Aziz Ali.

61- Shaheed Muhammad Arif wald Ali Hassan

62- Shaheed Syed Sajjad Hussain Wald Syed Abbas Ali

63- Shaheed Mujahid Hussain

64- Shaheed Zafar Iqbal

65- Shaheed Shahid Abbas wald Khudahdad

66- Shaheed Waqar Hussan wald Mohammad Ghulam Hussain

67- Shaheed NIsar Ahmed wald Haji Mohammad Hussain

68- Shaheed Bilal wald Mohammad Musa

69- Shaheed Ghulam Hussain wald Abdallah hamd

70- Shaheed Ishaq Ali wald Abdul Ali

71- Shaheed Iftikhar Ali wald Ghulam Hussain

72- Shaheed Sheikh Imran

73- Shaheed Saif Ul Rehman

74- Shaheed Sibtain Ali wald Nadir Ali

75- Shaheed Faridullah Kakar Haji Nasimullah Kakar

76- Shaheed Awais ibn Muhammad

77- Shaheed Ismail

78- Shaheed Naseem

79- Shaheed Asif

10-01-2013: More than 90 Martyred and around 120 injured in twin blasts in Hazara momineen densely populated area on Alamdar Road Quetta:

According to the reports on Thursday night, The first suicide bomber detonated his device inside a crowded snooker club located next to Pearl Institue building on Alamdar Road and then about 15 minutes later another bomb planted outside the building went off as police, media workers and rescue teams rushed to the site and most of the martyrdom were as a result of second bomb blast.

The following are the names of the Martyrs that have been identified so far:

1- Abbas Matum 2- Haji Parvez 3- Khadim 4- Tayab 5- Nasir 6- Haji Ali Ahmad 7- Ali Nawaz 8- Irfan Ali Khudi 9- DSP Mujahid Ali [10- Imran Sheikh11- Saif Ul Rehman Baloch (TV Reporter)] 12- Mirza Iqbal 13- Mohd Ali 14- Shaheed Abbas 15- Shaheed Ashraf 16- Shaheed Bilal Raza 17- Shaheed Mehdi Changezi 18- Shaheed Zaheer Abbas Changezi 19- Shaheed Zeeshan Ali 20- Shaheed Ahsan Haider 21-Shaheed Jamshaid Ahmed 22- Shaheed Muzaffer Agha 23- SHO Jaffer Ali with 7 other Police were martyred 24- Shaheed Kamran Ali 25- Shaheed Muhammad Hassan 26- Shaheed Waqar Hussain 27- Shaheed Ramzan Ali 28- Shaheed Mohammad Ali Khan - President Imambargah Hussaini Qhandari 29- Shaheed Munawar Hussain

The following are the names of the injured:

1- Jamil 2- Muhammad Idrees 3- Hassan 4- SP Quiad Abad Khalid 5- Ibrahim.

Lashkar eJhangvi has claimed the responsibility of both the attacks. More details will be reported once available. The terrorism of Lashkar e Jhangvi backed by government and intelligence agencies will continue and it will not stop until and unless the Hazara momineen with the help of other momineen have not taken any concrete steps to stop this killing. These killings have not stopped even after having so many peacful protests in Quetta and around the world, using the tool of dialogues with the government, non government and UN agencies. If the government has failed to provide us security, it is our right to make arrangements to provide ourselves the security we need.

09-01-2013: A Shia Momin Zawaar Hussain Shah martyred in Khuzdar:

According to the reports, terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi, Sipah e Sahaba attacked on another Shia Momin in Khuzdar outside his shop on Seerat Chowk and martyred him on the spot. He was the resident of Quetta and his body was later shifted to Quetta.

Apart from Quetta, the target killing of Shia Momineen have increased in the other cities of Balochistan as well like in Khuzdar and Much for last few months. The Shia killings through the Pakistan have been escalated and according to a survey around 320 Shia Muslims have been Martyred in 2012 alone.

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation will soon release a detailed statistics of target killing of Shia Momineen in Balochsitan for the year 2012. The Foundation's has been serving as the only platform dedicated for the Shia Muslim Martyrs of Balochistan apart from serving the deserving families of Martyrs, injured and non Martyr deserving families. The Foundation has a record for almost all the martyrdom and injuries due to the terrorists attacks since the launch of Foundation's website on September 2010. The Foundation is the voice of oppressed momineen of Balochistan particularly of Quetta and struggle against the oppressors.

07-01-2013: One Martyred and three injured on Spini Road attack:

Earlier this afternoon in another continuous target killing of Shia momineen in Quetta, three Hazara momineen were injured and one was martyred when the terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi carried out another attack on Spini Road. According to the reports, four Hazara momineen were traveling on a Taxi on spini road when the terrorists riding on a motorcycle carried out the attack. Three of the injured momineen were shifted to the civil hospital whereas the martyred momin was taken to B.M.C Hospital.

The following are the names of the injured and martyred momineen in this attack:

Martyred name:

1- Abbas Ali son of Ghulam Ali

Injured names:

1- Ahsan Raza son of Khudadad.

2- Latif son of Sulaiman

3- Mohammad Arif son of Ali Hussain.

These attacks are carried out in the area where the FC security check posts and police station are very close yet the terrorists have always managed to escape with no difficulty and no resistance shown neither from the security forces nor from any locals. The Shia Momineen in Quetta are being killed almost on daily basis. The intensity of killings are quite frequent and high enough that even though there is not any declared war against Shia momineen in Quetta, it is not less than a war either except that Hazara Shia Momineen are defenseless and with no reaction or aggression whatsoever raising only the slogan of peace, peace and only peace.

04-01-2013: Shia Hazara Momin Muhammad Jan was martyred in Mach:

According to the reports, today the terrorists of Sipah Sahaba/Lashkar e Jhangvi attacked on another Shia Hazara momin Shaheed Muhammad Jan near a hotel in Mach due to which he was martyred. The body of the martyr was taken to Civil Hospital where he was later shifted to Hazara town and finished with his burial. Shaheed Muhammad Jan was the son of Shaheed Khudadad who was also martyred a few years ago.

This is the second attack one Shia Hazara momineen in Mach in less than a week. The previous attack was carried out on the first day of the new year in which Mohammad Ali Raza was martyred.

01-01-2013: Mohammad Ali Raza, a hazara momin martyred in Mach:

Today when the first day of the new year was about to end, terrorists attacked on a Hazara momin in Mach martyred him on the spot. According to the reports, Mohammad Ali Raza a hazara momin was martyred by the terrorists when he was at the tyre shop. Shaheed Mohammad Ali Raza's body was later shifted to C.M.H Hospital. The new year started with the blood shed of Shaheed Mohammad Ali Raza.

Recent News:

Latest News:06-11-2015: A Shia Momin martyred and one Injured in another terrorist attack 07-11-2015: Two Hazara Shia Momineen were martyred at Ispini Road Quetta 03-11-2015: A Shia Momin Sadiq Ali was Martyred on Jan Muhammad Road in Quetta 06-07-2015: Three people martyred and two others injured in another terrorist attack 01-07-2015: 3 Shia momineen welders martyrd on Sarki Road 07-06-2015: Five Shia Momineen Martyred in another terrorists attack on Circular Road Quetta 27-05-2015: Two Shia Momineen were martyred on Meconogey road near Meezan Chowk 25-05-2015: Three Hazara Momineen martyred in two different attacks on the same day.... For Past news please visit the "News Corner" section of the website...

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