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November News

تمام قوما ر عید ای غدیر مبارک باشا

 دوا دہ روز ای عید ای غدیر

  یا خدا ای پاک بصدقے ازی روز ای مبارک موررہ طاقت بددی کی مو درجے شیہ امام علی شودو 

 رہ حاصل بیتھنی

یا امام علی مورا طاقت بدی کی مو ازشومو ودلی صاحب ای علم، بہادر وہ صاحب ای عزت شو نی

 یا امام علی موررہ طاقت بدی کی مو ازشومو والی سہارے غریبا وہ موستہیقہ شو نی

یا امام علی موررہ طاقت بددی کی خاص ازشومو والی گا ا ہم میدان ر اعلا کدہ رہ ای توتھا ر نگری

 یا امام علی موررہ طاقت بددی کی نہ ہی حق دیگا ر گا ا بگرری وہ نہیں گا ا حق ازخود خو دیگا ر خوردو بیلی

 یا امام علی مررہ طاقت بددی کی بلے حق اگر جن دادو ہم ضرورت شی شد مو اجتناب نکنی

یا امام علی مررہ طاقت بدی کی از رہ ای شہادت مو قوم خور با قہ شی بیتھنی وہ چرا کی اینمی رہ راہ نجات استا

یادی شھداۓ کوئٹہ دہ روز عید ا قربان

از تمام برارہ وہ خواھرا ای قوم گزارش استا کی دہ ازی روز ای عید قربان یک دف سوره الفاتحہ و سہ دف سوره الخلا ص بر تمام مرحومین و مرحومات و تمام شہدا بلخصوص شہدا ا ا کوئٹہ بیخنا

چلو حسین کی تقلید بھی کرے کوئی

کے صرف سوگ منانے سے کھچ نہیں ہوگا

اٹھو کے ہم بھی جکا دے کسی یزیدی کا سر

لہو کے عشق بہانے سے کھچ نہیں ہوگا 

11-11-2010: The owner of the Barkat Medical Store is kidnapped and his secuirty guard Martyred

On Wednesday, 11th Novemebr 2010, the terrorists attacked one of the well known Medical Stores in Quetta owned by one of our Hazara brothers, Muhammad Idress. During the attack, the security guard of the medical store was Martyred and the terrorist kidnapped Muhammad Idress. This is the second attack in less the two weeks when the terrorist attacked the owners of the well known shops in Quetta along with their employees and security guards whom all of them were our Hazara brothers.

There are number of hazara brothers shops in the same area close to each other whose security arrangements are inadequate. This is become quite obvious that the government is itself involved in such crimes apart from other terrorist groups where more than Four Hundreds of Hazara and other Shia brothers have been martyred but none of the criminals have been brought to justice.

This should concern every Hazara working in the city that it is not quite prudent to think if they can be given security by the Government. The only way is to provide themselves enough security to defend against such coward attacks by these terrorist and criminals.

The First Anniversary of Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation:

It has been exactly one year since Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation was founded. It was on "8th of November 2009" when a few of our hazara brothers in Brisbane got together to do something for our own people in Quetta in these terrible times. 

The difference between this gathering and many other typical gatherings or meetings which mostly took place in Quetta and around the world regarding the Quetta's ongoing slaughtering of our brothers was the practical step they took all together. They got together and conveyed the message to each other that this is the time now to take practical actions instead of only talking and doing nothing.

The excuse of this gathering was to raise fund for one our Hazara brothers that was injured in October 2009 in one of the target killings attack in Quetta. They got together to take oath of not only helping our brothers in Quetta but will try raise awareness of UNITY and SELF RELIANCE among Hazara brothers in Quetta and around the world. They raised almost Rs. 80,000 on that day. 

On the same day's gathering, they decided to become united under single platform in the name of Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation and decided to raise the awareness of Unity among Hazara brothers. Now Today, this Foundation do not belong to only those brothers who have initiated this project, but it belongs to all other Hazara brothers who have come forward and joined our hands together to travel this long and hard journey which has just started.

From that day till now which marks the First Anniversary of this Foundation made by our own young and dedicated Hazara brothers. The following are the First Year achievements of our Hazara brothers under the platform of this Foundation;

-- Got the support of around FIFTY Hazara brothers financially or otherwise in Quetta, Australia and around the World.

-- Raised Rs. 500,000 and donated Rs. 270,000 Approx.

-- Have been performing the responsibility of helping Four of the Martyrs families and one of the Deserving families by financially helping them on monthly basis.

-- It also helped in funding financially for the operation of one Injured brother and also gave the whole fees for the operation of one of the Marty's wife who was badly in pain because of illness.

-- Since the first day, the Foundation has been holding "Rooz e Shaheed" every month in the remembrance of our Martyrs by reciting Fatiha, Duas, Manqabat for the Martyrs, discuss the daily issues that we come across and also to raise funds.

-- It was finally registered in Quetta in June 2010.


We need the help of every Hazara brother in Quetta and around the world in raising the awareness of Unity and Self reliance among our selves.  

PLEASE COME FORWARD, JOIN US TO DO SOMETHING WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ONLY TALKING ABOUT. If we do not do it, no body is going to do it for us and we will keep loosing our lives like that in Quetta.

Let's not complain, do something practically and pray from Allah Almighty and Chardah Masoomen, that may they help us in building ourselves as a strong and dignified people in Quetta and around the World.

Surely Allah Almighty, Chardah Masoomen and our Martyrs will be willing and happy with such of our acts like this one. 

Hazara brothers holds the First Anniversary of the Foundation:

On Comming "Rooz e Shaheed", Sunday 7th of November 2010, Hazara brothers of Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation holds the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the foundation in Brisbane. Hazara brothers have been invited to attend the "Rooz e Shaheed" for Fatiha, Nazzar and also make donations. The address is 169 Ewing Road, Woodrdge 4114. 

Recent News:

Latest News:06-11-2015: A Shia Momin martyred and one Injured in another terrorist attack 07-11-2015: Two Hazara Shia Momineen were martyred at Ispini Road Quetta 03-11-2015: A Shia Momin Sadiq Ali was Martyred on Jan Muhammad Road in Quetta 06-07-2015: Three people martyred and two others injured in another terrorist attack 01-07-2015: 3 Shia momineen welders martyrd on Sarki Road 07-06-2015: Five Shia Momineen Martyred in another terrorists attack on Circular Road Quetta 27-05-2015: Two Shia Momineen were martyred on Meconogey road near Meezan Chowk 25-05-2015: Three Hazara Momineen martyred in two different attacks on the same day.... For Past news please visit the "News Corner" section of the website...

The Foundation Branches:

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation Quetta (Pakistan, Registration No.: EDO / QD - 170)

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation Limited (Australia, ABN No.: 20 167 912 003 )

- Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation funding Statistics:

Last updated on 5th November 2015:

Funds received = Rs. 8,030,230.38

Funds donated = Rs. 5,533,092.16

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation was established on 8th November, 2009.

Total Number of Families currently suporting: 21

No. of Martyrs families: 12

No. of Injured family: 1

No. of Non Martyrs Deserving family: 8

Numbers of families finished supporting: 4


Number of Operations financial supported: 6

Number of Families became financially independent: 3

One time donation to families/person: 6

Please make donations to this account:

Account in Quetta:

Account Name: Takreem Shohda Foundation

Account No.: 01840100000583

Askari Bank Alamdar Road Branch Quetta.

For International Transfer please use the following International Bank Account Number(IBAN) details:

IBAN: PK15A5CM0001840100000583

Account in Australia:

Account name: Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation Limited

BSB No.: 06 3104

Account Number: 1051 3021

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

SWIFT CODE OR BIC No.: ctbaau2s (For international transfer)

For all those who are living abroad, if you want to donate us please email us at and we will advise you accordingly how you can donate.

Also Please also join our facebook page and support the Foundation in any possible way you can:

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation facebook page

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation's Facebook Page


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