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July News

30-07-2011: 11 Shia-Hazaras martyred including a woman at Spini Road

It is reported that this morning on Saturday Two unknown gunman riding in a car opened an indiscriminate firing on a Suzuki Van carrying more than a dozen of Shia-Hazara momineen near a bus stop at Spini Road. Eleven of them including a woman were martyred on the Spot and the rest of them were critically injured. The injured were taken to the Bolan Medical complex.

After the incident, the local people went on to the streets to burn a few tires and vehicles to protest against the attack. Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) has called a shutter down strike tomorrow whereas Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and Tahafuz-e-Aazadari Council have announced three and Forty days of mourning respectively.

It is to mention that there are more than a few occasions where such attacks have been carried out on this route where Hazaras from Hazara Town goes to the Quetta city for the sake of their earnings or to meet their relatives. In addition, this is the second attack carried out on Shia-Hazaras and other Shia momineens in less than 24 hours in Quetta in which Eighteen momineens have been martyred and more than a Dozen of them Injured.

None of the terrorists, believed to be mostly belonging to Lashkar e Jangvi have been captured giving them an open opportunity to take the innocent Shia-Hazaras lives on weekly basis now. No concrete steps have been taken by the Shia-Hazaras in Quetta to resist against such killings encouraging the attackers to go as further as they can.

The following are the name of the Martyrs and Injured confirmed from various resources;


1 -Ali Muhammad, 2- Nauroz Ali, 3- Ali Raza, 4- Liaqat Ali, 5- Muhammad Ibrahim, 6- Syed Aqeel, 7- Hussain Agha, 8- Raza (driver), 9-Gul Pari (female)


1- Nadir Ali, 2- Dawood, 3- Muhammad Musa, 4- Haleema bibi (female).

Pictures of the incident taken from various sources

The Martyr's relatives

The Suzuki carrying the Hazara passengers

The relatives of the Martyrs, police and other people standing outside the hospital

Two of the Ten Martyrs, Shaheed Bostaan and Shaheed Muhammad Ibrahim were burried at the Behisht e Zainab, Hazara Qabristan.

29-07-2011: At least seven Shia momineen were Martyred and eight injured in an attack on Pilgrim's bus:

It is reported that a bus carrying pilgrims going from Quetta to Iran was attacked by the terrorists at Saryab Road around 5pm Today. At least, seven pilgrims have been martyred and eight of them have been injured. The body of the Martyrs have been taken to the Bolan Medical Complex. It is It is presumed that the attack was carried as a revenge of killing of Maulana Abdul Karim Mengal in Rahim Colony area of the Quetta yesterday. He was killed by an unknown gunman riding on the Motorcycle. Maulana Abdul Karim was a prayer leader of Lashkar e Jangvi.

24-07-2011: The Hazara Community organizes protest rally in Brisbane Australia:

The Hazara community of Brisbane has come out on the street of the Brisbane CBD Today to condemn the killings of Hazaras in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A large number of hazara people are expected to attend the rally to show their support for the Shia Hazara people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Another rally was organized by the Hazara community of Sydney a few weeks ago against the killings of Hazaras in Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

-10-07-2011: Terrorists have martyred another three Momineens in Killi Qambrani Road:

It has been reported that, three persons, belonging to Shiite community, were shot dead in provincial capital on Sunday. Three people were on their way back home after enjoying game at Qambrani Road when armed assailants opened fire at them, killing all three of them instantly. According to a senior police officer, all three hailed from Shiite community and the killings appeared to be a sectarian incident. The assailants managed to flee from the scene on motorbikes after accomplishing their heinous mission.

The deceased were transported to Bolan Medical College Hospital, where they were identified as Ashiq Hussain, Amjad Ali and Abdul Qayyum. No group has claimed responsibility for the killing. However, it is believed that it was an incident of sectarian killing. Police said the slain persons went to Qambrani Road, a sensitive area for the Shias, for the game, and were attacked by masked men ridding motorbikes. More than dozen of people belonging to the Shiite community have been gunned down in Quetta in recent months and the banned religious outfit, Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, claimed responsibility for all these attacks.

- 04-07-2011: The 8th Anniversary of the Martyrs of Imambargah e Kalan:

It was The 4th of July, 2003 When Four Terrorists entered the Imam bargah e Kalan and started firing indiscriminately and used Hand grenades on all Momeenins during their second prostration of the Second Rakath of the Friday salat exactly at 1:47 PM PST. More than 50 momenins were martyred and around 150 were injured. Most of the Martyrs were from Hazara Momeneens tribe.

It has been eight years since their martyrdom but all of them are remembered and pray from Allah Almighty and Masomeen a.s. that may the blood of our martyrs wake us up by leaving our evil deeds behind, becoming united and showing our resistance towards the on going killings of Shia Hazara brothers in Quetta. O the great Martyrs, this foundation is a little example that the blood that you have shed has not gone waste. The blood of all of such martyrs will inshallah help us becoming united and showing resistance against such terrorism that have been inflicted upon us. 

Date of Shahadat: 04 July 2003.

No. of Martyrs: 53

No. of Injured: Around 150.

Place of Shahadat: Imam Bargah e Kalan, Quetta.

Buried place: Ganj e Shuhdah, Behsht e Zainab Hazara Qabristan. 

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