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September 2010 Archive News

>28-09-2010: Hazara brother Muhammad Ali who was kidnapped a few weeks ago found dead at Killi Qambrani.

The kidnappers kidnapped Muhammad Ali S/O Haji Ali Yawar about three weeks ago and demanded a huge ransom for the release of Muhammad Ali. But despite they(the family of Muhammad Ali) have given the ransom money the Kidnappers killed him today and through his body at Killi Qambrani. The body of Muhammad Ali was brought to Nichari Imambargah and will be buried tomorrow at Behisht-e-Zainab(Hazara Qabristan) graveyard.

According to, the militants fired at the mominin when they were busy in buying vegetables from the main market.Murad Ali embraced shahada at the spot while Qari Muhammad Ali embraced shahada at the BMC hospital. One of their friend was also injured who is under treatment at BMC hospital.

The funeral of Murad Ali took place at 05:00 pm local time and was buried at Behisht-e-Zainab (Hazara Qabristan) graveyard, while the funeral of Qari Muhammad Ali will took place tomorrow 

Two mominin who were injured in suicide bomb attack at Meezan Chowk succumbed to their injuries and left for eternal peace.

Ali Baba who was hit by the ball bearings in his stomach succumbed to his injuries and expired on 21 Sept. He was buried at Behist-e-Zainab (Hazara Qabristan) graveyard.

His relatives said that on the morning He died he told his relatives that last night in his dream he saw the the martyrs of Quds rally whom are asking him to come to them.

The other martyr was Abid Ali s/o Faqir Hussain who embraced shahada on the evening of 24 Sept.He was buried in Behist-e-Zainab (Hazara Qabristan) grave yard at 11 pm that night.Hundreds of people attended the procession.

The total number of martyrs buried in Behist-e-Zainab (Hazara Qabristan) graveyard becomes 60. (Source

As per team, those who are critically injured in Quds rally suicide attack and need further treatment were shifted to Karachi.There are about 20 mominin left at the CMH Quetta.Six among them need some further treatment .So with the advice of Dr. and permission from their family they were shifted to Karachi. They were sent by air from Quetta by the mominin of Quetta. While in Karachi they will be received by the mominin of Karachi and will bear all the expenses for their treatment.

A group of three specialist doctors, believe to be belonging from Imamia Medics Team, , has arrived at Zahib-uz-Zaman(A.S) hospital Quetta for the treatment of the injured of the Quds rally suicide attack. They will treat people without any cost.They will also operate the injured here who need to be and if need arise they will also sent them to Karachi for further treatment.

Muhammad Irfan who was critically injured in suicide attack on Quds rally at Meezan Chowk Quetta embraced shahada.

Muhammad Irfan succumbed to his injuries and embraced shahada.He was buried at Behisht-e-Zainab (Hazara Qabristan) at 11 am.His mother was asking people to give her congratulations as now She also will be called as the mother of shaheed.

Total number of Martyrs of Quds rally which are buried here in Quetta at Behisht-e-Zainab (Hazara Qabristan) now stands at 55.

>11-09-2010: One more injured of Quds rally suicide attack embraced shahadat.

Today one more injured of Quds rally suicide attack embraced shahada. Habibullah s/o Qurban Tawasuli embraced shahada at CMH hospital Quetta.He was laid to rest at Behist-e-Zainab (Hazara Qabristan).

>07-09-2010: OIC condemns Quetta bomb blast.

Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has Strongly condemned the suicide bombing in the Al-Quds Rally, taken out in Quetta city on Friday to express solidarity with people of Palestine and holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, causing deaths of more than 70 innocent people and wounds to nearly 200.

'As per a statement, issued from Central office of O.I.C 6 September, Secretary Genreal of O.I.C Professor Ekmaluddin Ogloo has declared the incident as a criminal act saying that Zionist was involved in the blast on Al-Quds rally.

Akmaluddin igloo said,'Pakistani nation make sure their unity against Zionist. In the statement Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Conference expressed sorrow and grief with the grieved families over the demise of innocent people. Ogloo urges the Pakistan's People, to be united against Zionist regime.

 >05-09-2010: Rooz e Shaheed

Today on 'Rooz e Shaheed' Hazara brothers got together to commemorate the Martyrdom of all the Martyrs of Al-Quds day and all other martyrs in past. The event 'Rooz e Shaheed' started with Dua e Nudba followed by talks on Amr e Bilmaroof wa Nahi Anilmukar, updates about the progress of the Foundation, Fatiha and raised funds of Rs. 24,750. The basic purpose of the day is to gather, remember, pay tribute to our Martyrs and also to share our responsibility by collecting funds for our Martyrs deserving families and Non-Martyrs deserving families.

>03-09-2010: Attack on Al-Quds Rally in Quetta:

More than 70 people were martyred and more than 200 were injured in a bomb attack targeting a Al-Quds Rally organized by Shia-Muslim communities in Quetta on Friday. It is expected that most of the Martyrs belong to the Hazara community and the number of martyrs are expected to rise (Labbaik Ya Hussain a.s.).

>1-09-2010: Attack on Shia Procession in Lahore:

-Three bombs exploded at a Shi'ite procession in the Pakistani city of Lahore on Wednesday, with a mounting death toll of 28 people and wounding over 170, piling pressure on a government already overwhelmed by floods. 

Recent News:

Latest News:06-11-2015: A Shia Momin martyred and one Injured in another terrorist attack 07-11-2015: Two Hazara Shia Momineen were martyred at Ispini Road Quetta 03-11-2015: A Shia Momin Sadiq Ali was Martyred on Jan Muhammad Road in Quetta 06-07-2015: Three people martyred and two others injured in another terrorist attack 01-07-2015: 3 Shia momineen welders martyrd on Sarki Road 07-06-2015: Five Shia Momineen Martyred in another terrorists attack on Circular Road Quetta 27-05-2015: Two Shia Momineen were martyred on Meconogey road near Meezan Chowk 25-05-2015: Three Hazara Momineen martyred in two different attacks on the same day.... For Past news please visit the "News Corner" section of the website...

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Last updated on 5th November 2015:

Funds received = Rs. 8,030,230.38

Funds donated = Rs. 5,533,092.16

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation was established on 8th November, 2009.

Total Number of Families currently suporting: 21

No. of Martyrs families: 12

No. of Injured family: 1

No. of Non Martyrs Deserving family: 8

Numbers of families finished supporting: 4


Number of Operations financial supported: 6

Number of Families became financially independent: 3

One time donation to families/person: 6

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