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September News

30-09-2012: A Lashkar e Jhangvi Terrorist was killed in an unsuccessful Terrorist's attack:

The terrorists of Laskhar e Jhangvi carried out another attack on a Shia Owner of Jeweler Shop which resulted their own loss after one of the attackers was killed by the guards of the Shop. According to the reports, earlier this afternoon the terrorists attacked the Jeweler shop during which the owner of the shop, named Khaliq, was injured. However, the guards standing on their duties foiled their attack by counter attacking the terrorists and killing of one them. The name of the terrorist killed was Mujeeb ur Rahman and it has been reported that he was an employe of Levis Force for Sherani District of Balochistan.

This was the second terrorist that was killed by the Shia Momineen of Quetta. The last one that was killed was in July this year when a couple of Shia momineen ran out their car on a terrorist who attempted an unsuccessful attack and who was killed on the spot.

27-09-2012: Another two Shia Momineen Martyred in Quetta in two different attacks:

According to the latest reports, two shia momineen have been martyred in two separate attacks in two different locations. The name of the martyrs are Ghulam Sakhi and Gulab Shah. 

This is the second consecutive day in which the terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi has attacked Shia momineen in different locations. Sixteen momineen have been martyred and fifteen have been injured only in month of September which is yet to finish.

Since there is not any resistance from Shia momineen in Quetta against these terrorists, the terrorists have been bold enough to carry out attacks at any place and at any time with out have any difficulty. Even if we are not allowed to carry out any kind of aggression against these terrorists or anyone, we have the right to defend ourselves. The Hazara Momineen who are the backbone of Shia Momineen in Quetta have to do whatever is possible for the security of momineen in Quetta. Otherwise, we will keep counting the number of martyrs every month.

All the Hazara momineen in Quetta and around the world must not remain silent as well and support their brothers in Quetta in all possible ways whether it is supporting the martyrs families or supporting the community for security purpose.

جو ظالم کے ظلم پہ چھپ ہو جا یگا، یاد رکھو وہ بھی ظالم ہی کھلا یگا

26-09-2012: The Deputy Director of Geological Survey of Pakistan, Muhammad Hassan Kazim has been martyred:

According to the reports, today another Shia momin Muhammad Hassan Kazim was Martyred when he was going to his office which was located close to his residence. The terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi under the supervision of agencies and government attacked on Deputy Directory of Geological Survey of Pakistan(GSP) Muhammad Hassa Kazim when he was on car going to work from his near by resident in a colony.

He embraced martyred and his body was shifted to Civil hospital and as always the terrorist was able to escape with ease. The environment of terror has been spread across the city for almost four years now and nothing has been done by the government and security forces in providing security to Shia Momineen in Quetta. Instead according to some evidences it suggests that these terrorists are protected and hired to by the government and agencies to carry out the unstoppable assassination.

The Shia Momineen in Quetta mostly belonging to Hazara Shias indeed need a defense strategy in order to counter attack the enemies, otherwise the assassination of mostly Hazara momineen and also other Shia momineen in Quetta is not going to stop.

18-09-2012: Bomb blast on Pilgrim bus in Mustung:

A bomb attack was reported at around 5:45pm on the pilgrim bus in Mustung, which was returning from Thafthan (Iran) to Quetta. Following the bomb blast, the bus caught fire.

The accompanying Levies forces Vehicle was also damaged and the security guards were also injured in the event.

Two of the Martyred Hazara momineen have been identified as yet:

1. Haji Ashraf

2. Syed Ismail

The injured Hazara momineen brought to CMH were identified as:

1.Saddiqa Bibi w/o Ghulam Ali,42 yrs

2.Sakeena d/o Ghulam Ali,18 yrs

3.Hussain Ali s/o Ali Hussain,50 yrs

4.Jan Ali s/o Habib Ullah,28 yrs

5.Rajab Ali s/o Ghulam Ali,13 yrs

6.Nouroz Ali s/o Ali Yawar,28 yrs.

This has been the third such incidence on the pilgrim bus during the past 4 months.

We Need your help to become United, Stronger, self reliant and dignified against the enemies and the oppressors. We need your financial support to assist the Families of the Martyrs and injured. We need your financial support to become the support and encouragement to all the BRAVE SONS that their families will be taken care of if they are Martyred. We need your Moral support to unite our people against the on going oppression.Please rise up, take the responsibility and make the difference.

13-09-2012 : A Hazara momin martyred on Saryab Road, Quetta:

At around 7:30pm on Thursday evening a Hazara momin was targeted by unknown gunman,in Killi Qambrani,Saryab Road,Quetta. The martyr was a resident of Hazara Town yet sources have been unable to identify the Martyr's name and family.

The Martyr's body has been taken to Nichari Imambargah and will be kept there till identification and burial.   

05-09-2012: Injured Liaquat Ali embraced Martyrdom:

Liaquat Ali who was injured during the protest against the Hazaraganji attack embraced Martyrdom. On Saturday, 1st of September the terrorists Lashkar e Jhangvi attacked on Hazara momineen vegetable sellers as a result five momineen were martyred. After the attack, Hazara momineen came out on the street to protest against the killings of the innocent momineen, however a clash broke out between the protestors and the Frontier Corps (FC) due to which nine Hazara momineen were injured and Liaquat Ali was one of them.

The FC and police forces are responsible for guarding the area from terrorists but they have not been able to defend or capture any of the terrorists. As opposed, they have always used their force on the innocent Hazara momineen with out showing any mercy thus, indirectly defending the terrorists instead of defending the innocent citizens.

04-09-2012: A Hazara dentist martyred in Hazara town;

According to the sources a Hazara dentist named Syed Naimatullah s/o Syed Sarwar Shaheed was martyred on the eve of 4 sep at around 11:15pm when some unknown gun man open fired on his dental clinic located on Shakat stop, Kirani Road in Hazara town. The body has been shifted to Bolan Medical Complex,

No one has taken the responsibilty of the incident as yet.

02-09-2012: Abbas Ali injured in another attack by the unknown assailant in Kirani Arae:

Earlier this afternoon, an unknown assailant attacked the driver of the water tanker, Abbas Ali in Kirani area because of which he was critically injured. He was later shifted to CMH hospital.

In just two days, multiple attacks were carried out on Hazara Momineen because of which Eight have been Martyred and around ten have been injured. The continuous killings of Hazara momineen by the Lashkar Jhangvi terrorists with out arresting and bringing any of them to justice indicates enough the involvement of government and agencies in supporting such terrorists.

The government and agencies should realize that once the level of tolerance of Hazara momineen have crossed, the situation can get out of their control.

02-09-2012: Injured Qasim Ali among nine other Injured Momineen, embrace Martyrdom:

Qasim Ali who was injured along with the other nine Hazara Shia Momineen embraced Martyrdom earlier this morning. According to the reports, yesterday after the Martyrdom of Seven Hazara momineen in two different attacks in Hazarganji and Taftan Adah, the momineen took out the protest into the different areas including Brewery Road, faisal town and some other nearby areas.

The fight broke out between the Hazara protestors and the other supposedly terrorists group and after some firing exchange, around Nine Hazara Momineen were injured in which Qasim Ali was also included. It is also reported that three of the terrorists have also been killed. 

Later on yesterday, Quetta Yakjahti Council under the leadership of Sardar Sadat Hazara hold a protest rally and marched to the United Nation's office by carrying the dead body of the Martyrs. Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) also took out the rally in different places. Also Shutter down strike was called by HDP and other parties belong to Hazara momineen.

The following are the reported names of Injured;

1. Muhammad Safi son of Muhammad Raza.

2. Hafeez son of Nasrullah.

3. Liaqat son of Muhammad Akbar.

4. Faridon son of Sakhi dad.

5. Shair Abbas son of Muhammad Raza.

6. Asif Khadim son of Sarwar.

7. Muhammad Mujtaba son of Muhammad Jumma.

8. Abdul Jalil.

9. Qasim Ali (Shaheed) son of Asghar Ali.

01-09-2012: Two more Hazara Momineen martyred at Taftan Addah, Akhtar Abad:

Two more Hazara momineen were Martyred just moments before the attack in Hazara Ganji. It has been reported that two Hazara momineen were going for a help for the Martyrs of Hazaraganji when they were attacked at Taftan Addah by the same terrorists group bringing the number of Martyrdom to Seven in just a single day. This is the second attack in just couple of hours in two different places located nearby.

01-09-2012: Another Five Hazara Momineen Martyred in Hazarganji:

In another terrorists attack in Hazarganji, five Hazara momineen were martyred. According to different reports, earlier this morning on Saturday the Martyred Hazara momineen, who were the vegetable sellers, were returning back from Hazarganji by Taxi when the terrorists on Motorcycle started indiscriminate firing on them. Three of the Hazara momineen embraced Martyrdom on the spot while the other two who were critical injured later succumb to injuries when they were shifted to Bolan Medical Hospital along with the other Martyrs.

The state sponsored terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi were able to escape with no difficulty like before and to wait for the next opportunity to continue carrying out such attacks and killings the innocent momineen in Quetta. The following are the name of the Martyrs;

1- Shaheed Jawad son of Dost Muhammad.

2- Shaheed Ali Baba son of Husnain Ali.

3- Shaheed Salman son of Abdul Wahid.

4- Shahee Syed Yousaf son of Syed Anwar.

5- Shaheed Nourooz Ali son of Muhammad Raza.

The continuous killing of Hazara momineen in Quetta has never stopped for last few years. Even after holding many rallies in Quetta and around the world, raising this issue in the local, national and international level and discussing with government officials it did not bring any positive result. Since many of such attacks were carried out in the nearby presence of police and security forces, expecting security from such forces will only bring us more casualties.

The only option to resist against such terrorism and to stop such killings is taking the responsibility of security ourselves. What is required from us is more than just rally demonstrations, condemnations or going for a strike for a few days.The path of the dignity and respect is the path of resistance. If there is no resistance against such killings, it can never stop.

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