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June 2012 News

28-06-2012: About 18 Pilgrims Martyred and 30 Injured in a blast in Hazargaji area of Quetta;

According to the sources a pilgrim bus, coming from Iran to Quetta was targeted with an explosive device, on Thursday evening. The blast, which was most likely a rocket fire from a distant location, took place near a fruit market in Hazarganji area of Quetta. Around 15-20kg explosives were used in the blast. Eighteen pilgrims, including two policeman and a woman were martyred, but only 10 have been identified as yet. The pilgrim bus was carrying aroung 50 pilgrims, mostly Hazara Shia momineen.

The martyres' bodies were shifted to an Imambargah on Alamdar Road Quetta ,whereas, the the injured were taken to the Civil Hospital and Bolan medical Complex, Quetta. Most of the injured Hazara momineen are in a critical conditions.

The bodies of the Martyrs have been badly damaged because of which only the following have been identified so far;

1. Baba Ali

2. Taswer Nisa

3. Hussain Ali

4. Ejaz Ali

5. Muhammad Ali

6. Shah Hussain

7. Amir Hussain

8. Ali Yawar

9. Roshan Ali (ASI)

10. Ghulam Rasool ( Constable)

25-06-2012: Injured BUITEMS Prof Muhammad Hussain embraced Martyrdom:

Professor Muhammad Hussain eventually embraced Martyrdom earlier today. He was injured in the bomb blast attack on the BUITEMS University bus that was carried out last Monday in which more than than 30 were injured and three were Martyred.

18-06-2012: Three students Martyred and more than 30 injured in a Bomb blast on a Buitms bus:

According to the sources, on the Monday morning a bomb blast took place on the student bus of BUITMS on Sumungli Road, Quetta. Four students were martyred and more than 30 others were injured in the blast. Two of the martyred student are Hazara momineen, one of them named Aqeel Raza the other named Hadi. Majority of the injured are the students and some are the people who were passing by the area.

According to the CCPO, Quetta, the remote controlled bomb was planted in a car on the road side, which blew as the student bus passed by it. The BUITMS student bus was carrying about 70 students most of them from Hazara tribe. The nearby people on the cars ,motorbikes, cylces and those on foot were also injured. The bomb was said to be 30-40kgs.

The Martyrs and the injured were later on taken to the Combined Military Hospital Quetta Cantt. More news along with the pictures will be updated later.

Takreem e Shuhdah Foundation condemns this on going oppression in Quetta against the Shia Momineens mostly belonging to Hazara tribe and requests all the brothers and sisters to step up and work for our people to become United, Stronger, self reliant and dignified against the enemies and the oppressors.

We need your financial support to assist the Families of the Martyrs and injured. We need your financial support to become the support and encouragement to all the BRAVE SONS that there families will be taken care of if they are Martyred. We need your Moral support to unite our people against the on going oppression. WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE AND INDEBTED TO THE BLOOD OF OUR MARTYRS. EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS A GREAT IMPORTANCE IN AWAKENING THE NATION. Please rise up, take the responsibility and make the difference.

03-06-2012: Four Qandari Momineen, Two Pashtons and a Police Martyred on Sirki Road:

According to reports, this afternoon in another attack by the terrorists on shop on Sirki Road, Seven people were Martyred. The Martyrs include Four momineen from Qandhari tribe named Shaheed Haji Abdul Nabi the owner of the shop, his son Shaheed Muhammad Tariq and their worker Shaheed Muhammad Hassan and Shaheed Hayatullah, Two Pashton Martyrs, and a Martyred Policeman. The terrorists were on motor bike and were able to escape after the attack.

The body of the Martyred Momineen were shifted to hospital from where they were taken to Qandhari Imam Bargah later.This is the third attack on momineen of Quetta in less than a week. The Terrorist attack was carried out today when the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Cheif of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Keyani.

02-06-2012: Muhammad Ali was Martyred on Saryab Road:

Today on Saturday, Muhammad Ali was Martyred by the Terrorists on Saryab Road. It is reported that Muhammad Ali had travelled on Al Aziz Coach from Karachi and he was attacked on Saryab Road where the buses usually stop.This is the second attack in three days and thre previous attack was carried out on Joint Road in which another Hazara Momin was Martyred.

It is to note that since the beginig of this year till now, Twenty Four attacks so far have been carried out on Momineens mostly belonging to Hazara tribe in which Fourty Nine Momineens were Martyred and Twenty were injured.

Recent News:

Latest News:06-11-2015: A Shia Momin martyred and one Injured in another terrorist attack 07-11-2015: Two Hazara Shia Momineen were martyred at Ispini Road Quetta 03-11-2015: A Shia Momin Sadiq Ali was Martyred on Jan Muhammad Road in Quetta 06-07-2015: Three people martyred and two others injured in another terrorist attack 01-07-2015: 3 Shia momineen welders martyrd on Sarki Road 07-06-2015: Five Shia Momineen Martyred in another terrorists attack on Circular Road Quetta 27-05-2015: Two Shia Momineen were martyred on Meconogey road near Meezan Chowk 25-05-2015: Three Hazara Momineen martyred in two different attacks on the same day.... For Past news please visit the "News Corner" section of the website...

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